Marian Hill Brings Something Unusual to The Palace Theatre


It is officially concert season in the Twin Cities. May has been a month of new music for me and each week I have cover an artist in various genres. Normally, I attend these show solo, but I had an inkling one of my good friends would enjoy Marian Hill. After easily convincing her to come and a quick stop at Jimmy Johns we made our way to the Palace Theatre.

First up Michl, coming from Los Angeles. His set was simple with a keyboard and soundboard. The songwriter was calming to watch as he played. Michl stood under a single purple spotlight which gave his electronic pop sounds an extra push, enhancing the emotions of his lyrics. His set includes tracks like “Die Trying” and a crowd favorite “Better With You”.

The last time Marian Hill performed in the Twin Cities was at a sold out First Avenue. Wednesday’s night show at The Palace Theatre was a part of Marian Hill’s Unusual Tour. With over 20 tops across the US, including both weekends at Coachella, St. Paul was there final destination. “WE have performed in Minneapolis so many times but St. Paul, this is a first,” Jeremy addressed the crowd after the first four songs.

The main thing I notice about the night was the audience. There was a generous mix of people, old and young (elementary young) all come together to enjoy music. The duo entered the stage in totally blackness. The Palace stage was set with a large mirror that was angled downward to the crowd. The show opened with “Subtle Thing” a synth-driven track that makes you want to dance. Samantha Gongol was quite a sight with her dance moves. Gliding from one side to the other she had everyone’s attention.

Steve Davit made an appearance with his saxophone, which fit perfectly with the electronic-synth jazz record. The crowd loved everything the three were throwing at them. Gongol and Lloyd’s chemistry on stage really brought their performance to life. Even with the massive amount of people the Palace Theatre can carry, Marian Hill’s infectious personalities and one of kind tunes made for an intimate performance.

Set List: Subtle Thing, One Time, Differently, All Night Long, Wild, Whisky, Lovit, Sideways, Listening, Lips, Mistaken, Wish You Would, Oh Yeah I Love U, I Want You, Go Quietly, Down, Got It.