Elle King celebrates love her way at the State Theatre


One thing is certain about Elle King’s show at the State Theatre last night. Everyone in the audience had at least one good laugh and got to see a great show. Promoting her 2014 Album “Love Stuff” The Ministry Tour or as King called it the One Last Hug / Victory Lap Tour before finishing up her new album.

Starting the evening was Paul Cauthen. We’re just a bunch of Texas Boys and it’s chilly here, he greeted the crowd – note to Paul, avoid touring here in January. His set was classic country with a bit of Gospel thrown in. His deep voice was impressive in its delivery (according to Elle King, he talks that way too). He described his set as “A shit kicking good time” and judging by the cheers from the crowd they certainly had that as well.

I saw Elle King for the first time last year at the Varsity. The show was a bit; shall we say raunchy? It was a blast and i was curious on how it would evolve to fit the statelier State Theatre and a more mature audience. I am happy to report that need not worry my little head about that.
After an impressive Trombone solo Elle King sauntered onto the stage holding a red solo cup and launched into “Last Damn Night”. Her set showed an impressive range from rock to blues to country and included a few songs performed by just her and a guitar. Paul Cauthen joined her on stage for one heck of a rendition of “Folsom Prism Blues”. She took a request from the audience and introduced a new song. What took her show over the top (in a good way) was her interaction with her fans. There was some dialogue between each song and it was unique and genuine as it gets. From breakups “He left me for another American, female, banjo player. I guess everyone is into something” to personal fears “I just checked if my zipper was open on stage” and responses to shouts from the audience it was delivered with easy. My personal favorite was when she spotted some kids in the front row and exclaimed “I shall curse no more!”.
As part of her tour she also marries a couple on stage in each city. For Minneapolis it was Livi and Jeff (not sure if that’s how her name is spelled). The wedding was officiated with rock’n roll style and a shout out to love. Overall I enjoyed every minute of the show and I am quite certain the audience did as well.