Non-Stop Energy With RavenEye At Mill City Nights 10/7/2015


Photos by David Rubene

Their accelerated music was high octane and impressed some initially skeptical fans. RavenEye drew “woo”s from the crowd at the first guitar solo and that energy continued throughout the entire set. While lead vocalist and guitarist Oil Brown showcased his stellar guitar playing, he also let his expert rock voice roam free. Brown’s vocal strength gave an enjoyable twist to the show as he even put the guitar down and only provided vocals for a few songs. One of the biggest things that separated Raveneye from other live shows was how well the sound was created. I am not sure if the credit is due to the band, the venue or both, but the mechanics of the sounds were finely tuned. While listening you didn’t have to strain to isolate and each instrument and you were able to appreciate the band as a whole. All too often the drum kit and guitar are way to high and the bass is lost in the mix, but Aaron Spiers’ driving bass lines held the set together.  The same idea applied to the drum kit. The sound and playing was so crisp you could hear each strike of the drum and when all of these individual parts were put together the show was elevated to a level that is unheard of for a band that has only been together for one year. With only one EP currently out, RavenEye is surely a band that you should keep your eye on.

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RavenEye is currently on tour with Slash. Check out RavenEye online at:

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