Don’t Miss Cursive Performing ‘Domestica’ 5/18 at Fine Line


Cursive will be stopping by The Fine Line in Minneapolis on Thursday, May 18th and will be performing ‘Domestica’ in its entirety!

Over the past two decades, Cursive has become known for writing smart, tightly woven concept albums where frontman Tim Kasher turns his unflinching gaze on specific, oftentimes challenging themes, and examines them with an incisively brutal honesty.

2000’s Domestica dealt with divorce; 2003’s The Ugly Organ tackled art, sex, and relationships; 2006’s Happy Hollow skewered organized religion; 2009’s Mama, I’m Swollen grappled with the human condition and social morality; and 2012’s I Am Gemini explored the battle between good and evil. But the band’s remarkable eighth full-length, Vitriola, required a different approach — one less rigidly themed and more reactionary as the band struggles with existentialism veering towards nihilism and despair; the ways in which society, much like a writer, creates and destroys; and an oncoming dystopia that feels eerily near at hand.

Neva Dinova will be opening up the night so be there on time!

In Omaha, Nebraska, being in a band did not require talent or skill or opportunity. Anyone could do it. Everyone should do it. All that it required was time and inspiration. With an early love of poetry and music, Neva Dinova evolved from a great reason to laugh and drink and rock in mom’s basement into a vehicle for storied perspectives. An art project.

The band was too dumb for some, and too dramatic for others, but over time it’s become clear: those that love this band do so for life. The songs have resonated with such endurance because they speak truth to the human conditions of love, longing, sadness, and anger. Listeners hear a reflection of their own hearts in the music. The band didn’t have any use for genre boundaries; Neva Dinova was always just Neva Dinova. Sometimes plainspoken, sometimes ornate, sometimes slow and spacey, sometimes loud, but always with a generosity of spirit and an empathetic curiosity. And an occasional joke thrown in with some reflective disrespect.

Tickets are still available HERE!