Corbin Randall debuts second single “On the Line”


With live music on hold and festivals postponed, summer has felt a little (a lot) different for many, including the team here at Twin Cities Media. One thing however that keeps us going in these unusual times, is the release of new music from artists new and old. One of those new artists we’ve found on repeat is Orange County based singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist – Corbin Randall. We recently had the chance to catch up virtually with Randall to discuss his new single, what’s ahead for him this year and more. 

While Corbin Randall has been making music for years, he’s recently released with his second single “On the Line” under his self-titled project. “On the Line” is the follow-up to his breakout single “In My Sails.” Both singles are a part of an album that Randall plans to release in September that has been, in his words, “a huge chunk of my time, soul, and mind.” Often when listening to music, we don’t realize just how much time and heart artists pour into these projects, Randall being no exception. The love and time he poured into this new single is evident at first listen. 

For those not familiar with Randall, he grew up in picturesque southern California with oldies on the radio and beach soaked summers (basically the place we dream of during our long, Midwest winters). Inspiration from both are evident on his sunny, new single “On the Line.” When speaking of his musical inspiration, Randall says, “While I’ve come to love all sorts of genres and music around the world, I felt my first step into artistry should reflect my origins. I like to define my genre as Surf Alternative RnB Gospel / Accidental Fusion.” Randall’s sound calls to mind fellow Orange County residents and kings of surf rock – The Growlers. Additionally, fans of Dan Croll, Electric Guest, The Dip, Glass Animals, Ra Ra Riot and Generationals might find themselves particularly drawn to Randall’s melodic, groovy and downright catchy sound. From gooey guitar cuts to a sing-a-long-able choruses, there is something familiar about Randall’s latest single which makes it an easy listen but with a freshness all his own. 

As previously mentioned “On the Line” is a portion of a bigger project Randall has been working on this year. When asked about this project, “A huge part of these songs  consists of confronting reoccurring themes in my life, and finding ways to process and grow out of them. Within my first single, “In My Sails” I approach the challenge of life being stuck and  showing no signs of change,” Randall said.  “With “On the Line” I take on fears of the unknown, and the difficulty of finding comfort in areas of life that require trust alone. It’s about holding on to values that I know are good, even when I know it’d be a lot easier not to.” Frankly, a lesson we could all benefit from these days. Holding to what you know is good and right, when it would be easier not too. 

This new single is completely self-produced with Randall composing and recording all the instruments, but he drew help from various vocalists to help “see my vision through,” he said. 

When chatting with Randall, we decided to daydream a bit. We imagined a world where the world is thriving again and venues are back open and bands are touring again. We asked Randall who he is touring with in that world, “I’d really have a lot of fun touring with guys like half•alive, Colony House, and COIN. I really like the creativity of their music.” When asked about who is listening to at the moment, “I recently listened to Vampire Weekend’s Father of the Bride (I know a little late). I thought that was amazing per usual. Ezra always has some brilliantly complex polyrhythms and afro pop vibes that can’t be matched,” Randall said. 

Listen to Randall’s new single below and stay tuned for his third single due out later this month as well as his forthcoming album. And who knows – maybe you’ll even see him on tour with COIN on their 2021 tour. 

Photo Credit: Corbin Randall Official Facebook