RaeLynn Charms and Impresses at the Cabooze


I can’t remember the last country show I attended. Honestly, I think it may have been as far back as WeFest 2014 but I now miss it greatly, thanks to RaeLynn’s show tonight at The Cabooze. I should clear some things up so everyone knows where I am coming from with this review and my enjoyment of RaeLynn’s music. One, when I was assigned this show, I was not familiar with her at all. Two, I fell in love with RaeLynn’s music. Three, she’s married, and her husband in the military – don’t get any wrong ideas fellas!

The first thing that anyone including myself now will probably notice with RaeLynn is she is one of the most genuinely adorable and sincere performers. Maybe it’s the sweet southern belle “Darlin” she said a few times, maybe it’s the smile while she’s singing, I can’t tell you for sure but you can tell she is truly enjoying being there with the audience and that makes for an immediately more intimate show.
The show kicked off with a few songs from her new album, “Wild Horse”, including the title track and “Lonely Call”. Personally, I am a big fan of  the latter,  because of the relatability in the interest of keeping personal stories aside it’s a song that many of us can relate to. After a couple of new album tracks RaeLynn did a few covers while in a pair of sunglasses. To say I would have expected a blonde girl out of Texas to break into some old-school hip hop would be a lie. But I enjoyed it and the full band rocked the covers well you could tell from the dancing crowd.
She introduced a brand new song, and as per RaeLynn’s request no video was taken. I’ll just have to leave you with there is a new song coming soon, and it’s yet another quality track I think people will enjoy. The covers ended and she transitioned to Love Triangle, which before the show I thought was a great song already. But hearing her tell of how her parents’ divorce drove her writing, made for an all new appreciation as I myself am the child of divorce. Well done RaeLynn, well written, and well sung.
As expected “God Made Girls and Boyfriend” were included in on the set tonight and honestly having not heard Boyfriend before now. I friggen love this song now. It’s hilarious and yet again genuine. Best line has to be “I’ll be his girl when he tells you goodbye”. Maybe it’s because in one line RaeLynn shows she has a bit of a sassy bite to her and knows what she wants. Maybe not, but either way the song was a new one for me and I enjoyed it live a lot more than I had noticed it on Spotify.

Among my realizations on the night this was also my first trip to The Cabooze. I know, I know, it’s got a lot of great music and where I have been for so long. But I will say now being there and seeing a country artists I realize I was missing out. The night was overall a great way to break into the warmer weather and jump back on the country music grind. WeFest 2017, it may be necessary thanks to this great show. I foresee RaeLynn continuing to gain momentum as people outside The Voice fan base learn of her music.

Fans will get a chance to see her at the Mall of America today (5/14) at 1 PM at the Rotunda!