Cherub bounce into First Avenue for a fun Evening


Once again, I found myself walking into First Avenue knowing very little about the bands I was about to see. I had just come from Ladysmith Black Mambazo and while interesting and coo., that much soothing music was a bit much for me on a Saturday Night. All I wanted was to get a Red Bull from my favorite bartender and listen to some more lively tunes. Well, Cherub had better plans for my night….
Starting the show was a DJ set by Gibzz aka Mike Gibney who would also host an afterparty at the Entry. His set drew a good-sized crowd ready to dance.

ProbCause took the stage next. The Chicago rapper, who collaborates with Chance the Rapper, lost his clothing layers bit by bit as his set grew more energetic (not that it started slow). Fans ate it up, although he had a few words of encouragement from stage “Y’all act like you don’t like to smoke weed”.

Most in the crowd had clearly come for Cherup. The Nashville duo of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber took a break from touring to work on their new album “Bleed Gold, Piss Excellence” and started the winter leg of their “Your Girlfriend already bought tickets” tour last night. The girlfriends were out in force in a wide variety of outfits ranging from street clothes to skimpy club wear and one leotard matched with fishnet stockings and a belly dancer hip scarf that jingled as the young lady bounced by – “That’s going to be distracting”, mumbled a First Ave Staffer with a smile. Some of the boyfriends overindulged a bit as security had to take out a few fools – something that’s surprisingly rare at First Avenue. Cherub’s set was high energy all the way with no slowing down. From the first song, the stage exploded in light, sound and bouncy performers. Cherub’s sound is synthy with a great 80s pop vibe. Songs have a distinctive personality and fans seemed to know all of them (unlike yours truely, but Cherubs music has been playing as I write this). Cherub revealed that they had a 2 day break in Minneapolis and were looking forward to seeing the city. Overall a great fun show, and if you see the guys wandering around Minneapolis, slap them on the shoulder and tell them “Well done!”