Chase Atlantic Party Like Rockstars At The Varsity Theater


I can’t iterate enough how much I love going to an all ages shows in Minnesota with a two artist lineup, especially at one of my favorite venues, the Varsity Theater. On a beautiful summer Saturday afternoon, I made my way to the venue and found myself excited to catch both Lauren Sanderson and Chase Atlantic. The last time I saw  the latter was last year, when the band opened for LIGHTS at Music Hall Minneapolis, and I was absolutely blown away by their performance. I could tell I wasn’t alone in being excited for Chase Atlantic, and as the lights dimmed for the opener a rush of cheers erupted through the venue.

Lauren Sanderson made her way onstage amidst loud cheers from the crowd, especially from the front row. Even if I hadn’t really listened to her music before, that didn’t matter; her beats were catchy, her lyrics relatable, and her stage presence energetic and fun. Sanderson jumped and danced around the rage to her own music, making her and her set fun to be a part of. The charismatic performer took the stage by storm, captivating the audience.

Last but certainly not least, Chase Atlantic took stage to some of the loudest cheers I’ve heard in quite some time. The band debuted a handful of songs off of their recent release “Phases” to the Twin Cities crowd, each of them proving to be a fan favorite. I honestly don’t have a bad thing to say about their performance; while the band is in my opinion better live than on record (which is saying something because their recorded efforts are solid), there’s just something very special about their stage presence. Each member of the band has an unwavering confidence, sauntering on stage as if it was a hometown arena show. I thought the band was great the last time I saw them but they stole the show with a full headlining performance, putting their set in my personal top five for 2019.