Candid Kid Celebrates Latest Album at The Entry


Local band Candid Kid released their latest album, Blush, this week with a show at the Entry on Thursday night. And despite a late start of nearly 10:30 the crowd didn’t waver include some members of Bad Bad Hats showing their support for the local guys headlining the night. Always an awesome time seeing local groups supporting each other. I usually toss a comparative option in at this time for bands you may know and enjoy that could give an you and idea what the sound Candid Kid is like, but I can’t. They’re honestly unique and though you may think “hey I know this voice” as I did, ya don’t. But maybe that’s one of the enjoyable elements of the group, you feel like you can settle right in and feel familiar with their light rock sound.

Blush overall as an album came to me as a surprise I won’t lie. The sound initially comes off as a generic deja vu of other bands from the local scene. But let the album play on and though I can’t put my finger on it you get a sense of what the Candid Kid sound is. Live the album plays no differently I am happy to report too! Songs like Jeans and Snap maintained their catchy vibes and it was great to even see fans throughout the night mouthing along words. Tell me how often that happens with albums so recently released? I can’t that’s for sure.

Tracks I was most looking forward to had to be Summer, Pathetic, and Neon. They’re fun tracks for a commute home or just messing around the house but live the guys are clearly enjoying themselves. Under a shroud of heavy fog at one point Candid Kid killed each song and as Barney Stinson so appropriately put it, it was all rise. Even the more ballad sounding moments of the set list were energized and raw, no routine “let’s get through this one” moments or songs to be had.

A newcomer though I am to the Candid Kids I was happy to make it out for this one and see where the band is heading. Seeing people I had no idea were into the local scene so heavily, local bands supporting, and even people just off the street who were curious to hear the local group made things all the more sweet. 

Songs to wet your appetite from their latest album and previous: Snap, Neon, Whiskey, and Summer

Setlist: All That Mad/Write It Again/Young/Quit You/Neon/Blush/Lips/Pathetic/Summer/Snap/Lit/Whiskey/Jeans