Camp Dark CD Release Performance at The Icehouse 5/15/2015

Camp Dark @ The Icehouse

Camp Dark took center stage at The Icehouse in Minneapolis Friday night for their official ‘Nightmare In A Day’ CD release performance. In a very crowded venue, Camp Dark kicked their set off into high gear with the pleasant harmonies of Adam Svec that pulled onlookers into a seemingly hypnotic state. The lyrics and musical quality is infectious, intrinsic, sophisticated, and sonically pleasing.  The show was an overall crowd pleaser. I am hoping to see Camp Dark’s music socialize itself on Spotify as I am confident it will be instantly popular.

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Camp Dark’s first offering, Nightmare In A Day, started as a collection of song skeletons composed by Adam Svec (vocals, guitar) and Graham O’Brien (synths/samplers, drums). The meat on the bones was added by a list of wonderful players (see the list of contributors). The arrangement of the limbs, direction of the hair, and shade of the makeup was largely generated and manipulated by O’Brien. The combination of the heavy lyrical content settled against a gorgeous sonic landscape reminiscent of Radiohead’s “Let Down” or Bjork’s “Yoga” makes for a musical experience that will have motorists choosing the long way home.

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