Bora York, GNGD and The Prams at the Entry


Plenty of local music was on tap at the Entry Sunday Night. Bora York returned to the stage after a 7 month break and brought reinforcements. One thing that’s always cool about seeing local bands play is family coming out to see them, which for yesterday’s show included a few grandparents.

Opening the night was Minneapolis duo The Prams. Husband and wife team Alta and Jesse Keller describe themself as “vibey-folk” who have been writing together since 2011. I enjoyed their mix of syths with calm echoey vocals that did not drift into he electropop area.
Set List: I don’t know / Two Waves / Muse / Sorry / Meant to Be / Bullets / QQS / I love you / Everything is Gold / Fight the Pressure

Mankato band Good Night Gold Dust sure has had a busy summer with live shows and being selected one of 2016 Local Show’s Artists to Watch by the Current. They opened with a great version of “Hide the Moon” and introduced a new song as well. To a very loud cheer from the crowd they responded with: “Are you a relative?” and leveraged the bass thumping from the main room into their band member intro by concluding: “Ladies and Gentlemen, in the main room Lauryn Hill!”
GNGD is alway fun to watch and hear and as a photographer a special thanks goes out to Michelle Roche on percussion, the is one of the most interesting drummers to shoot wielding her instruments with the grace one would expect in a classic orchestra making for great images.
Set List: Hide the Moon / California / Crooked Teeth / 4Letter / Waves / Sponsor / Broken Wing / Headlights / Towards the Sun

Bora York is my favorite band that I keep forgetting. After seeing them at their last show in February I added some of their songs to my playlist and when they come up at random keep finding myself thinking: “That’s a really cool song, I wonder who sings that”, usually followed by a smack on my forehead.
Made up of Chris Bartels, Rebekah Bartels, Charlie Wirth, Brian Seidel, Bjorn Nilsen, and Jamie Kauppi Bora York filled their stage with quite a bit of smoke and started with the dreamy “So Heavenly”. Their was a method to their set list, as Chris Bartels explained it after the first couple of songs: “We are going to slow things down a bit, speed up to melancholy and epic before going crazy and dance”.
Favorite moments of their set for me? The driving rythm of Midnight Glow, 2 guys in the audience clapping in perfect synch to the beat, hearing Rebekah’s tambourine with out the mike (gotta love small venues with great acoustics) and hearing “Secret Youth” the sound that made them stand out to me at their first show again.
Overall a great evening with 3 superb local bands.
Set List: So Heavenly / Vibes / Midnight Glow / Close your Eyes / Dreaming Free / Open Tales / Secret Youth / Ghost Lights / Waterfall / Waves / Forever Ocean / The Way you Groove / Let Loose / Arrest Me