Blackbear’s Dead To The World Tour Slayed Myth Live


I arrived to Myth to find yet another filled parking lot with a line around the block. I was stoked for another packed show at the Myth. I walked in just before the first act came to the stage.

I was unimpressed when I heard a DJ playing the top tunes but I was enjoying the music. That is when I got a very pleasant surprise that was Yung Pinch. The long-haired west coast rapper brought a light vibe and melodic flow to the fans at Myth. He had everyone in the crowd swaying back and forth to his music as a few members of the audience sang along.

Yung Pinch isn’t what I would call new to the game. His first album hit Spotify back in 2016 and I am honestly amazed that I hadn’t heard of him before. He performed like a seasoned vet of live sets engaging the audience and giving the venue life. Songs like Pina Colada and Wink Emoji were amazing live and are now part of my rotation.

The rappers set was short and sadly ended before I wanted it to, if Yung Pinch ever finds himself back in the great state of Minnesota, I will for sure be in attendance.

Up next was an artist by the name Elohim. You, like me, might not know her by name but she has been on some big hits with the likes of Quinn XCII, Louis the Child, and Wiz Khalifa. Her set was something that I can only describe as a concert of the future.

She took the stage in a reflective coat and large sunglasses, a look that had me ready for whatever was going to come next because I knew it was going to be badass. She had an EDM twist on the classic singer set playing the keys and spinning records. Her songs were expertly tied together by a futuristic computer voice asking questions and telling us stories. She moved as if the voice was hers and she left me without words. It was a set filled with bass accompanied by her melodic vocals and a large order of emotion. The way she moved was more than dance it was perfect with her songs and made you feel something. She gave us a glimpse into the concert experience of 3019 and I am looking forward to it.

Minnesota promoters, get this girl here to headline her own show, she is incredible.

It wasn’t long before the stage was set for blackbear. He came out on top of three large LED cubes that housed his drummer and guitar player and the packed Myth erupted into deafening cheers. The star was larger than life and the light array that accompanied him transported viewers into the mind of the Digital Drug Lord artist.

The set played new music and old music, crowd favorites like “do re mi” and “Idfc” erupted the crowd into a frenzy of singing and dancing as strobe lights and smoke filled the room. The artist surprised me with his musical talents, he not only had an incredible voice, he sat and played the piano (in true blackbear fashion his piano was also a coffin), he played guitar, bass guitar, the whole nine yards.

Blackbear is truly one of the most talented individuals in music and he has earned every ounce of popularity he possesses. If you haven’t seen him live, you really are missing out on a night that will leave you speechless.