Billie Eilish stuns a sold-out 7th Street Entry


Every so often comes along of those artists who just stops you dead in your tracks – an artist who commands to be seen and listened to. Every so often comes along one of those artists who is really unlike anything or anyone else who is come before them and is going to be inspiring others after them for a long time. And every so often you’re lucky enough to witness that artist who is on the verge of this mega-stardom, right before they break into the mainstream and the masses. And last night all of that magic and more came together First Avenue 7th Street Entry for a massively sold-out Billie Eilish.

Opening up the evening for Billie Eilish was Washington-born, Los Angeles-based rapper Reo Cragun. Reo Cragun started the evening with a short but sweet feel good set. Reo Cragun, like Eilish is poised to make some major waves in the world of rap music. Cragun’s set was a message of positivity and not letting other people bring you down – a message that sure, simple but looking at the most 18 & under crowd a message that is so relevant and important.

Billie Eilish is an artist on the rise in a major way – to say she’s been making waves in the world of music would be an understatement. Eilish has been turning heads since she released her debut single Ocean Eyes on Soundcloud back in 2016 which almost instantly went viral. Since the release and widely received reception of her debut single, Eilish has gone on to release her debut EP Don’t Smile At Me. And last night’s stop at the Entry was one of many sold-out stops on her first ever U.S. tour – the Where’s My Mind Tour. In addition to her tour, Eilish has worked with names like Vince Staples and is snagging massive festival spots left and right. Oh – and she just turned sixteen.

Watching Eilish at the Entry last night was truly watching an artist on the brink of something huge. Eilish is not just poised to become the next big name in pop music but it’s clear she’s turning the whole thing on its head. At the center of Eilish success is her ethereal, otherworldly vocals. Technically Eilish voice is about damn near perfect. Eilish songstress sensibilities shine on tracks like “Ocean Eyes,” “Party Favor” and “Six Feet Under” all  of which she played on the Entry. The packed Entry was hanging on Eilish every word and every move through the set. Eilish also peppered her set with tracks like “Bellyache” and “My Boy” which sit is almost an antithesis to some of her slower, ballad-esque aforementioned tracks. The depth and breadth of Eilish as singer and songwriter were on full display last night.

Supporting Eilish for her live sets is her brother Finneas O’Conor – who is a creative genius in his own right. O’Conor co-wrote and produced Don’t Smile At Me and took center stage to sing a track of his own during the set. Eilish closed out her set by hopping down in the middle of the crowd for her final songs, “if I come down there you guys won’t crush me right? You gotta dance with me ok,” she joked. And dance with her the crowd did.