Jinjer Leads A Mighty Lineup Of Rockers At The Fillmore Saturday Night


The local United States Geological Survey’s seismic monitors  got a workout when Ukrainian metal masters Jinjer lead a rock takeover of the Fillmore Minneapolis on Saturday night. Out supporting their latest release Wallflowers, Jinjer was on fire Saturday night.

Space of Variations was the first band up on Saturday night. These guys are also from the Ukraine and brought with them high level metalcore. While the band shredded through there set, there were moments of hip hop infused metal that were refreshing. There was also plenty of synthesizer to go around, too which really gave the set a unique touch. Check out their latest release Imago on Napalm Records.

Next up were industrial metal rockers Vended. They kind of prowled their way to their spots on stage through a vail of fog. Then the herculean bombardment that came from the stage hit the packed Fillmore like Thor’s hammer. Visually unsettling, they look like a gang of dystopian mass murderers. But damn, they kicked some serious ass. Powerful tunes with crafted structure showed a level of musical maturity. And they have some good DNA, as the singer and drummer both have parents in a little band you may have heard of called Slipknot. 

P.O.D. came on around 8:15 and the crowd at the Fillmore lost their shit. There was so much love for this band Saturday night that they could have easily been the headliners.  These guys really don’t look like they’ve been around for over 20 years, but as they played hit after hit it became clear why the crowd was so amped. The SoCal rap metal still sounds cool and fresh, and singer Sonny Sandoval’s smile lit up the room.

The crowd was beyond stoked when Jinjer hit the stage, giving the band a raucous welcome. Singer Tatiana Shmayluc, like a growling metal queen, lead the band into ferocious opener “Sit Stay Roll Over”. The speed with which she can go from demon to angel is phenomenal. Thundering drums and pounding bass pulverized the head banging audience, the band just brutalized the Fillmore Saturday night.  The thing that really stands out about this band is their incredible musicianship.                                        Though they were pulverizing the room with their metal assault, each note is clear and precise. Bassist Eugene Abdukhanov just crushed it, bass for your face, pounding the breath right out of your chest. He is definitely one of the best bassist in metal. And the drum mastery of Vladislav Ulasevish, he’s like John Bonham on a case of Red Bull, completes one of the most powerful rhythm sections touring today.

The Richter scale skewed to 11 Saturday night with an epic lineup that rocked the Fillmore to its core.