Beats Antique Packs the Varsity Theater


The temps were in the minus double digits, the streets were unplowed causing traffic issues, parking was difficult to non-existent and sidewalks were ice covered.  But none of that stopped the fans of Beats Antique to see them Friday night at the Varsity Theater. 

I arrived in the area shortly after doors opened and saw SOLD OUT on the Marquee of the Varsity Theater.  Parking lots were full, an occasional spot on the street would open, but was quickly snapped up.  I was getting nervous as show time approached and no parking was in sight.  I got lucky when a spot on a side street opened just as I was driving by, so I quickly parked, paid the meter and skated to the Varsity.  I was greeted by long lines and a lot of people in colorful costumes.  I got in the pit just in time for the opener – Axel Thesleff. 

I was surprised how any people had already arrived by the time Axel took the stage.  The Varsity was packed and Axel did not let them down.  He played an electronic set, with him playing along on a keyboard, electronic drum and a xylophone like electronic instrument.  Axel played for an hour and it was obvious the audience enjoyed his performance. 

By the time Axel was finished with his set, the Varsity had gotten even more packed.  People pushed to the front to see Beats Antique.  While technicians setup for Beats Antique and tore down for Thesleff, the crowd started chanting “Beats”.  Before they took the stage, there was a group of belly dancers that performed.  They had won a contest of local performers to appear before the headliner.  After the belly dancers were done, the 3 members of Beats Antique took the stage.  Tommy “Sidecar” Cappel seated behind the drums, David Satori stood amongst a series of stringed instruments and Zoe Jakes, along with another woman danced onto the stage.

The evening alternated between Jakes and others dancing and Cappel and Satori playing.  I had wanted to see them because they were something a little different.  Their style was definitely unique and a must see.  The Varsity was so crowded, it was hard to walk around.  The upstairs was as packed as the main floor.  The crowd cheered loudly and applauded frequently.  Given the opportunity I would definitely see them again.