White Lung at the Triple Rock 8/6/2016


Canadian punk band White Lung stopped through Minneapolis Saturday stopping long enough at the Triple Rock to fire off a salvo of their signature “2 minute bursts of anger”. Made up of Mish Way-Barber (vocals), Kenneth William (guitars) and Anne-Marie Vassiliou (drums) and touring bass player Caroline Doyle, the band just released “Paradise” and album that has been on many best of 2016 so far lists.
The stage at the Triple Rock is dim at the best of times. A few songs into the set Way-Barber had them turn down the lights even further plunging the venue into darkness making for an interesting experience. But then White Lung doesn’t really need lights. Way-Barbers distinctive blond hair flashed through the dark as she shook her head and her hand gestures still somehow came through.
Opening with Face Down, White Lung stared at full speed and never slowed down. The set was heavy on “Paradise” and well received by the crowd. What I love about White Lung is that their songs are distinctive, and while they have a coherent sound, each can stand up on its own. Overall a great show, with the only distraction being the grumblings of a certain photographer having to shoot in the freaking dark………….
Set List: Face Down / I Beg You / Narcoleptic / Below / Kiss Me When I Bleed / Take the Mirror / Paradise / Bag / Wrong Star / Sister / Dead Weight / Down It Goes / Demented / Drown With the Monster