Balance and Composure bring a wide range of fans to the Entry


Monday evening, I was assigned to cover a show for another photographer with a busted camera: Balance and Composure, a band that before doing my quick research I thought sounded like some local hip hop group. To my pleasant surprise, they were far from and after hearing these guys at the 7th Street Entry last night I find myself revisiting a lot of old music in a futile effort to keep my nostalgia trip going. Unfortunately my schedule cause me to miss the opening bands.

Opening the night up were a couple of lesser known songs, but who opens with their hits? Nobody. Midnight Zone and Spinning are off their 2016 album, Light We Made, and were great choices I will say for opening the night up and letting everyone settle in. On deck, though for their third song was Tiny Raindrop, a song which certainly will pull many of my fellow late 80s and early 90s folks into a nostalgic state. If you are looking to get your feet wet with Balance and Composure start with this one and also toss on Afterparty. Both songs, at least for me, seemed to ring something of the Vertical Horizon albums I used to listen to relentlessly while reflecting on a long drive.
It was about the time that Run From Me came on that I began to notice the crowd at the show. I will be honest as a photographer you get to a show and you’re nervous and/or on a mission with tunnel vision. Regardless you don’t take a ton of time to soak in the ambience of the crowd because you have moments of shooting time. During Balance and Composure’s show though it was awesome to see a range of ages from those older than myself who carried a Radiohead fandom with, down to the new comers who lit up once they herd the newest songs off the Slow Heart album.
What the contrast in age as well as the consistent connect with crowd showed me is that the people at the show were present and enjoying every moment. Which let’s be honest, you’re at a concert on a Tuesday at a small venue with a band that most of your friend’s say “uh… who?”, you’re already part of a minority and clearly passionate about the music.
The night continued with a few more tracks including Reflection, also one to add to your playlist of songs to get acquainted with the band.
The song live takes on a much heavier sound than I expected, but loved.
Listening to the track via YouTube or Spotify you can’t pick up the same energy but live front man Jon Simmons gets everyone into the rumbling drum play through each verse. It didn’t hurt at all when Jon hop up and hung on the steel beam overhead either.
Closing out the show was I Tore You Apart In My head, a song I found interesting as a closer but the longtime fans in 7th Street loved. It was just before this song that Jon broke the news they had only a song left which revealed two things. The whole crowd stayed put for another 5 minutes once the band left the stage, even those of us who could see the set list. Also, that they really weren’t going to play an encore song despite the (attempted) chant for one.
I hold no grudge on their bypassing of an encore myself after a great showing. Overall for a band I had 24 hours notice on and the input of a few devoted fans to go based on I enjoyed the whole evening. If you’re looking for a good band to catch and willing to trust what one photographer and his friend have to say, spend the 20 bucks and check Balance and Composure out.

Setlist: Midnight Zone/Spinning / Tiny Raindrop / When I Come Undone / Void / Fade / Walk / Postcard / Quake / Run From Me / Stone Hands / Notice Me / Afterparty / Reflection / I Tore You Apart In My Head