At The Entry Dancing Shoes Were A Must For Castlecomer


I will truly never understand how anyone living in the Twin Cities gets enough sleep. There are seriously far too many great shows that need to be seen to have an ample amount of sleep be even a thought in your head. Yesterday was just a Tuesday to most people but, to me, it was a decision between a metal show or a show I knew nothing about and that says everything that needs to be said about the live music scene here. It doesn’t matter what night of the week it is– you have multiple choices when it comes to quality live music. Having been at a metal show on Monday night, I decided to try something different. With the possibility of a Journey/ Def Leppard show on Friday and an Aaron Carter show on Sunday, I’m really just trying to see how weird I can get this week. That’s how I found myself at the 7th Street Entry to see Castlecomer, and falling head over heels for what I stumbled upon in there.

Kicking off the two band show was local trio Static Panic. Even though I think I saw these guys at one point last year, their set (if I remember right) was plagued by technical difficulties which was frustrating because I saw the potential but it just didn’t work out. Thankfully, last night was technical difficulty free and I finally got to see exactly what Static Panic has to bring to the table and I was beyond impressed. Their upbeat tunes made you want to dance and had me forgetting about my exhaustion and the fact that it was only Tuesday (although I kept saying it was Wednesday to my friend.. yeah, I’m loosing it). With a sound that was a unique mix of Panic! At The Disco meets Prince meets Tickle Torture, to say Static Panic’s set was fun would be an understatement.

Each song seemed to have a different vibe to it which is beyond impressive considering there were only three members to create all of the different influences that were clearly heard. Although I could pinpoint bands that Static Panic sounded like, there’s no denying how unique and creative they are. Sure, there were moments where I could tell you exactly what Panic! At The Disco song popped into my head and vocal lines that would have made Prince proud but there was still nothing copy-cat or generic about what Static Panic was giving the crowd. From the keytar to the talkbox all the way to the ending song that sounded like something straight out of the 1990’s boy band culture (think New Kids on the Block), I was entertained and smiling throughout Static Panic’s entire set. To those “cool kids” that figured they would just show up for the headliner on Tuesday night— big mistake.

Headlining the quick show was Australian based Castlecomer. I don’t even know where to begin with these guys. I had walked into the Tuesday night show hoping for a chill one but Static Panic forced me to put my dancing shoes on and Castlcomer made it impossible to take them off. Although the crowd wasn’t sold out, it was surprisingly full for a Tuesday night and it was clear that the band was feeding off the electric energy provided by the young audience that was ready for a good time. Bede, the singer, instantly let his quirky personality shine as he told the audience about playing at a pizza join in Seattle just a couple of days ago and how people in Arizona just don’t really like them. I fell in love with his personality and down-to-earthness before I even heard the music but, when the band kicked into their set, it went from love to obsession.

Much like Static Panic, Castlecomer’s music forced you to get up and dance. To say it was infectious would be an understatement and, when mixed with the goofy dancing provided by Bede (think Jack Black in School of Rock) and the other members of the band, you were left with a night where the smile never left your face. The upbeat music blasting through the speakers brought a sense of comfort in a way. With my birthday coming up in just over a week, things have been a bit rough in my world. Although it’s not quite the big 3-0, it’s the big 2-9 and I feel like I am so far behind in life but during Castlecomer’s set, that wasn’t even thought in my head. All I could think about was how great of a freaking time I was having.

The audience learned a lot from Castlecomer last night including don’t ever buy anything off of Facebook Marketplace– especially not a van (they landed in LA and bought a van on Facebook only to find out it didn’t have air conditioning before their trip to Arizona– don’t worry, they got it fixed). The quirky stories from their tour mixed with the flawless music mixed with the goofy dancing and the smiles that stretched from ear to ear that everyone was wearing made last night’s show more than just a Tuesday night show.

Sure, I missed my metal head family and feel bad for not covering my local boys that were opening the metal show but sometimes you just have to go with your gut, throw on some dancing shoes, and let loose. Thank you Static Panic and Castlecomer for giving me an opportunity to do so.