Watsky’s bringing hometown favorite Grieves with him to First Avenue on 2/17


Watsky first rose to fame when a YouTube video of him, titled “white boy can rap fast as hell” went viral in 2012. Since then, he’s been on Ellen, played quite a few Warped Tours, toured internationally, and overall made a respected name for himself in multiple genres. He always seems to come through the Twin Cities when he goes on tour, which is appreciated- and it’s always a good time.

Last time Watsky came to town, he played an all ages show on a weeknight at First Avenue- and I was not at all surprised at how wild it got in that mainroom. There were parents with young kids, couples, and lots of teens all crowded together to see their favorite meme turned respectable, talented-as-hell musician, live. He didn’t disappoint, and played a career spanning set that got everyone going. I’m sure we can expect that and more next week.

Along with him on the “COMPLIANT” tour, named after his fifth album, is Rhymesayers’ Grieves and feed the biirds, who describe themselves as a “brand spankin new duo!” that consists of Camila Recchio and Kush Mody. There’s never a bad time to see someone on the Rhymesayers docket live, either. Just sayin’. So, basically, there are dozens of reasons to come see this show. What else are you gonna do on a cold February Sunday night?

Be sure not to miss out on February 17th at First Ave. Tickets are still available HERE