Anthrax And Black Label Society Will Rock The Fillmore Saturday August 6th


Stock up on Tylenol, you’ll need it from all the head banging that will happen when Anthrax and Black Label Society invade the Fillmore Minneapolis on Saturday, August 6th. The two co-headliners will be joined by Hatebreed. Catch Zakk before he joins Pantera this fall!

TV has soap operas, literature has Shakespeare, and metal – well, metal has Anthrax, that fire-breathing, thrash-spitting, multi-headed beast of a band that – 30 years since the day Scott Ian and then-bassist Danny Lilker searched a biology textbook for the disease that would become their moniker – smiles back at you with a monstrous, upturned middle finger and refuses to fucking die. But then, if you have an inkling about heavy metal, you’ll have heard of their meteoric rise in the ’80s alongside the likes of Slayer, Megadeth, and a little band that once crashed on Anthrax’s studio floor known as Metallica.

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