2018 Twin Cities Music Photographer Showcase – Day 3


Every year we ask our photographer friends, who share the pit with us, to show us their favorite live music photos. And once again, they came through in spades, so enjoy.

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David Rubene

David Rubene is a founding partner at Twin Cities Media. With an emphasis on the rock and metal scene, his eclectic artistic style has covered a wide range of local artists within the Twin Cities and national / international performers. The journey of music photography has been his life-long dream and passion that continues to fill the mind and feed the soul. In addition to covering many rock and metal artists during live performances, David worked independently through with several artists in studio on promotional and album photo artwork this year. From small club shows to big arenas, David thrives on the fast pace of shooting on the fly, the rush of the house lights going down, and the drive to capture the “show” in his images.

Twin Cities Media  David Rubene Photography 


Elliot Menne

I am 20 years old from St Louis Park, I started taking pictures as a hobby in 2014 and since than have become passionate about concert photography this year.

5. This is a photo of a talented DJ and producer who goes by the name Shrimpnose. This was one of my earlier photos of the year and I love the way the colors turned out in this shot.
4. This shot of rapper Aminé felt very up close and personal, making it my number four pic for the year.
3. For number three, we have a photo of Chris Travis saying hello to all of the dedicated fans in the crowd. I love how warm and glowing this photo turned out, as well as how it captured the moment.
2. While my number two pic is by no means by best photo in technical terms, this photo meant a lot to me as the rapper Zillakami is by far my most listened to artist of this year. So being able to shoot this dark, messy, hectic concert meant a lot to me.
1. Finally for my number one pic, this shot is of a band named Arrested Youth. I feel this photo is very visually interesting and did a good job of capturing the moment, as well as the energy of their performance. For these reasons I think it is my favorite photo of the year.


John Oakes

Hi. I’m John Oakes. I live in Minneapolis and I can usually be found lurking in the shadows of small clubs taking photos of bands that no one really knows yet. But sometimes I end up in the big rooms and take photos of super big popular bands, but that is rare. I like to stick to the smaller bands. They just feel right to me. I never usually have much to say so I usually let my camera say it for me. 

Picking MY favorite photos or the year was difficult. I managed to find 5 that I like very much, and they include some bands you might know.

If you’d like to see more, you can find my website at www.johnoakesphotography.com or you can stalk me on the ol’ Instagram at www.instagram.com/johnoakesphoto

Here are my photos in no particular order that I managed to place in some sort of an order.

  1. Scott Lucas from Local H. The majority of photographers in the concert scene hate red lights at shows, but I’ve grown to love them. All red everything, I say… This photo was taken in Newcastle, England during Local H’s tour over there and it might not be spectacular to most but being halfway across the world with these dudes make this photo pretty rad to me.   
  2. Jeff Rosenstock. This show was one of my top shows of the year and the energy in the room that night was beyond what I expected. Jeff Rosenstock shows are always a blast.
  3. Kerry King from Slayer. I try to stay away from the big arena shows with big bands but the opportunity to photograph Slayers farewell show and being this close to Kerry King was something I couldn’t pass up.
  4. Alicia Bognanno from Bully. I’ve seen Bully a couple times and they’ve always slayed. This year at Riot Fest, they went above and beyond and they were one of the best sets I’ve seen that weekend. Bully rules.
  5. Arve Isdal from Enslaved. During one of the biggest snow storms Minneapolis received early in February this year, Enslaved lit the Cabooze on fire. As I mentioned above, I love red lights. I do, however, hate backlighting. Sometimes, though, the two work out perfectly together.


Tim Olson

Medical Device Mechanical Engineer who has a passion for photography, music, and travel. I enjoy capturing the moment as it happens in real time! Photography has allowed me to view the world in a different aspect and I enjoy the challenges of capturing just the right shot. You can view a sample of my work on my website

Ali Gray – Special because it was her Birthday Celebration with her daughter singing a few duets. Also, it was Brian David getting back up on stage and singing a set – after loosing his wife to cancer. Touching.

Church of Cash – Special because it was his CD Release gig. Church of Cash literally sounds/plays/acts just like Johnny Cash himself.

Roger Allen – Special as I did his CD Cover photos. He wrote a specific song about ‘white crosses’ as it’s about the fallen solders and the national cemetery. We did the photo shoot in front of his Grandfathers grave who served in WWII, Korean, and Vietnam wars. Roger Allen has an amazing voice and is making headway here in the Twin Cities Country Market.

Suburbs – Last minute decision to head to the Lake Harriet Bandshell and capture the Suburbs which was a neighborhood ‘thank you’ by Linden Hills Dentistry. Approximately 6.5K people attended the concert and it was wonderful.

Adam Daniel/Nate Anderson at River of Life Praise – I was able to play my sax with the extremely local talented Adam Daniel and Nate Anderson. I really enjoyed being able to jam out with the entire crew playing gospel music and uplifting His name.

Vito Ingerto

Submitted by Vito Ingerto, a grateful member of the TCM dysfunctional family. Check him out on Instagram @Vwitnessed

“If you ain’t in the pit, you ain’t shit” Lori Barbero

Thomas Abban at First Avenue

Marilyn Manson at The Myth

Ty Segal at First Avenue

Dem Atlas at Soundset

Beck at The Armory