2018 Twin Cities Music Photographer Showcase – Day 4


Every year we ask our photographer friends, who share the pit with us, to show us their favorite live music photos. And once again, they came through in spades, so enjoy.

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Tony Nelson

Tony Nelson is a professional photographer who specializes in portraiture and event photography. Although music, especially the world of Rock & Roll, continues to be his favorite subject matter (and personal obsession), he enjoys photographing all kinds of People, Places & Things – from actors, athletes, politicians and chefs to investment bankers, food, models, kids and rock stars from all walks of life. Since graduating from the University of Minnesota Studio Arts department, he has been working in photography for more than twenty years. He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with his wife, Lisa, and their cats and can be found most Tuesday nights practicing with his band Street Hassle.

You can find his work on his Website and of course Instagram

The 5 photos:

1. P.O.S. & Dwynell Roland at Rock the Garden, June, 2018…….Just a great moment at a really fun show outside on a beautiful summer day.
2. David Byrne, Orpheum Theater, May, 2018……….One of the most visually stunning shows I’ve ever seen.
3. Erykah Badu, Soundset, May, 2018………What can you say? Simply owning the stage with her presence & crazy style.
4. Alynda Segara of Hurray For The Riff Raff, First Avenue, April, 2018……..One of my favorite artists from the last few years proving she has the skills to take it much bigger. Palante indeed!
5. Robert Plant, Orpheum Theater, May, 2018……..A living legend up close and putting on a great show too.


Chris Flicek

I’m a Senior, Family and Wedding Photographer in the Twin Cities. I’ve been shooting for quite a while but only recently got into concerts when I lived in Nashville. The photos I’ve picked are all some of my favorites because of the lighting and use of color.

Andrew Dobin

I am a local photographer out of Minneapolis and started seriously shooting in 2017 with nothing but a kit lens and a whole lot of obsession and caffeine. Two years later I am now photographing concerts, weddings, and portraits. But concerts will forever be my passion and my sanctuary. I often joke that concerts are my “church” but truly I can think of few situations where so many people come together for a singular purpose and fill a place with so much joy.

My selections form 2018 are varying but they all capture a moment in their given show where an artist, fan, or both, have their “moment”. It’s what many of us in concert photographer are addicted to photographing, that and maybe jump shots. These moments are often missed but when you catch them it’s a home run feeling and you can’t get enough of them.

  1. Devil Makes Three
  2. Echosmith
  3. Rise Against
  4. In This Moment
  5. Magic Giant

Kyle Hansen

My name is Kyle Hansen and I have been shooting photography most of my life. This year a dream came true where my wife and I are full time photographers now. I have been shooting concerts since the 80’s and still love it. Thanks for Twin Cities Media to include us in their year end. You can find us on our WebSite and 1013musicreviews

Greta Van Fleet photo I love due to the fact that this is band that will be around for along time. To see them at such a young age and catch something that is happening. I have not seen something like this since GNR oepned for Alice Cooper in 87. Up close and personal with a great guitar string bend!

Lars from Metallica in Milwaukee. You can bring non removable lens cameras into venues. For you new to concert photography – learn how to use your camera before you go. You can get shots even being a fan. I got a ton from Milwaukee. 

Five Finger Death Punch always has a huge stage. When you can shoot a band and you know the stage has a ton of lights and fire get ready and have fun. I love shooting these guys.

Kelly O’Donnell

Hey! I am Kelly and I am a Twin Cities music photographer. My passion for music started at a young age and once I picked up a camera and realized I could bring my two passions, music and photography, together it’s been history ever since. My first show I photographed was back in 2014 at The Red Carpet in Saint Cloud. I have had the pleasure of photographing many talented groups and musicians on a more serious level since 2016. My favorite part about photographing music events is how the music affects the mood and style in which I capture artists. It is almost like working to your own live soundtrack. I love it. It is always a challenge finding the best light and angles but I love the challenge of it. 

You can follow my work at instagram and Facebook 

  1. Denzel Curry – I love how this photo turned out because it shows all of the power and passion that Denzel brings to his performances. This was probably my favorite show of the year. Denzel was the headliner at First Ave’s main room. The moment that I captured him in this photo makes it look like he had turned into a super saiyan (Dragon Ball Z reference for all you fans out there.)
  2. Hobo Johnson – This was one of my favorite shows of the year. I love the tones, the expression on Hobo’s face and the smoke that gives it an edgy vibe. Compositionally, it is interesting and different which pleases my artistic eye!
  3. Lil B “The Based God” – Good vibes radiated off of Lil B at his performance and everytime I look at this photo I just want to smile.
  4. Chance York – I LOVE THIS ANGLE. I am a sucker for interesting angles that capturing movement and this one does it for me.
  5. After The Burial’s Anthony Notarmaso – Again I love capturing movement. The blue and black have a grittiness to the photo that expresses the band’s vibe SO well.

Jessica Boldt

Digital Marketing Specialist by day. Music Blogger & Concert Photographer by night. I am based in Uptown which is where you can find me most nights that I’m not covering a show either having a beer at The Bulldog, at a spin class or watching music videos from 2007 with fellow TCMer Langen Goldstein. In addition to TCM I also volunteer & do photography for the Sofar Sounds Minneapolis. you can find me at Instagram

Kurt Vile to me in the embodiment of a laid-back, effortlessly cool rockstar. But like most artist that are “cool” he makes it look so easy and well, effortless. This photo captures that spirit that drew me, like so many, to the love of music, that maybe being close enough you might get to a little bit of your favorite artist or bands “coolness.”
New Politics is one of those bands that you can’t not have fun listening to or at their live show. They are so engaging as a band and this image captures that. Frontman David Boyd out on the barrier over the crowd, people dancing and having a good time. These types of image that capture such a distinct moment are what makes me fall in love with concert photography day after day.
Noah Cyrus was one the most memorable shows of the year for me, largely because of her raw, god-given vocals and her showmanship. It’s easy to want to pigeon-hole Noah Cyrus as another teen queen of pop or younger sister of another well known Cyrus but she is so much more than that. Many of my favorite shots of 2019 came from Noah’s set The Varsity but this is one I kept coming back to time and time again, again, getting to capture and save these moments are what makes all the late nights knowing you have to be up in 6 hours for your “day job” worth it.