Young Dolph & Key Glock Bring New Rules To The Varsity On 3/18. No Rules.


What could possibly be better than seeing one of your favorite artists on stage, doing exactly what it is they do best?! I’d wager seeing two of your favorite artist in the same night, on the same stage, at the same time?  is a pretty good Trump to my first statement. Fortunately for us Young Dolph fans, or for us Key Glock fans, this fantasy may soon be a reality.

The Tennessee natives are well past established in the game with both Dolph and Key tracing their start to 2016. While four years may not seem lengthy to some, to remain as relevant as these two have for any amount of time at the forefront of hip hop takes some serious dedication and talent. And these two have just that. Between the top notch wordplay and the effortless chemistry the pair share (Key Glock and Young Dolph are related by marriage) this show is guaranteed to excite hip hop fans and quite possibly convince everyone in the crowd who wasn’t already a fan of one, or both of these artist, to become one. 

The pair, Young Dolph and his right hand man Key Glock, will be bringing their ‘No Rules’ Tour to Minnesota’s own Varsity theater in just a few days on March 18th. Tickets are still available and you can get yours here!