Yot Club Will Be At Amsterdam Bar & Hall 5/6


Yot Club and Boyscott are stopping by Amsterdam Bar & Hall in Saint Paul on May 6th.

Yot Club:

For decades the bright lights of NYC have drawn artists to its storied city streets — those seeking their tribe, those looking to solidify their identity, and now 26-year-old Ryan Kaiser has joined those ranks, moving from Nashville to Brooklyn, at the tail-end of 2022. Except, unlike so many who have come before him, Kaiser’s already made a name for himself creating daydreamy, sun-blasted, Polaroid-pop as Yot Club.

Rewind to 2019 when, fresh out of college and out of nowhere, Kaiser’s song “YKWIM?” became a go-to sad song for nostalgia-centric TikToks. (It’s now 2x RIAA Platinum.) Accordingly the major labels came calling, but the Mississippi native stayed grounded, prolific, and singular in his vision, releasing his self-produced bedroom pop EPs and loosies, before signing to Amuse, dropping his debut LP off the grid in 2023, and performing extensively in the States and Europe.

With Yot Club’s second full-length, Rufus, Kaiser is expanding his sonic palette and challenging his own established modes by collaborating: writing with Tommy English (Carly Rae Jepsen, Kacey Musgraves), and singer Charli Adams, with Patrick Wimberly (formerly one-half of Chairlift) on mixing duties. His lo-fi hooks are bolder and brighter with a new cinematic scope.

Rufus is not exactly Ryan Kaiser, but these snapshots capture the essence of his experiences: a bad relationship and fresh realizations; walking away to try and find footing in a new city that maybe isn’t exactly the mythologized creative utopia. It continues Kaiser’s coming of age — looking back, picking it all apart, trying to work it all out, and constantly pushing forward.


Punctuating wistful, daydreamy indie rock with surfy guitar hooks, Boyscott took shape in college dorm rooms and grew into a fully formed band. The loose collective that made up the project completed their whimsically drawn 2015 debut Goose Bumps before ever playing live.

Boyscott began in 2015 as an outlet for singer/songwriter Scott Hermo’s recording experiments while he was attending college in Nashville. Hermo recorded in his dorm room and sometimes enlisted friends to help flesh out his light and breezy indie tunes. Fellow schoolmates and musicians Emma Willer, Tiger Adams, John Lewandowski, and Noah Miller joined him to bring a live energy to Hermo’s recordings and together, the five musicians completed their debut album Goose Bumps and self-released it in late 2015. When Boyscott began playing live, school commitments kept a solid lineup from forming, but Hermo enlisted a rotating cast of friends and musicians to play shows and go on tours. The band’s acclaim grew organically through consistent touring and their album, which caught on in a grassroots fashion. A physical release of Goose Bumps arrived in 2019 as a joint release from Top Shelf Records and Babe City Records.

Tickets are still available HERE!