Why Don’t We start their Winter Tour at the Garage


Friday Night Why Don’t We kicked off their winter tour for 2017 with a show at The Garage, the all ages music venue in Burnsville. The group is a fresh face in the music scene as the five members in 2016 joined together after experiencing each of their own successful solo acts.

The group is from all parts of the U.S but Jonah Marais was a clear favorite as the home town kid, as fans held signs and snapped as many photos as they could during his entrance. I personally have some mixed feelings on a sea of phones during concerts. The best of shows can be intruded on or even completely ruined by fans holding phones over their heads in the name of Instagram. But, I found myself honestly enjoying the show more as a result. Why Don’t We has only been together since 2016 but it’s clear that they have caught the attention of many fans nationwide. If this show was not evidence, the number of fan made accounts on social media and their following online should be. I couldn’t help but think this is what boy band groups in the past and others must have gone through on their climb.

To open things up on their show and tour they started with the appropriate track “On My Way” followed by one of their YouTube hits “Nobody Gotta Know”. By this point in the show I was legitimately impressed to see this is a group that is much more than a fad. Each of the boys continued their set list with a solo song of their choice. I can honestly say, screams from the crowd aside, these guys can sing and all have strong vocals. As an added touch a couple of members are capable guitarists, which as someone with lesser knowledge of the group than the fans present I was excited to see.

Why Don’t We continues their maiden tour in Wisconsin and I have no doubt we’ll be seeing much more of them. The boy band mayhem of the 90’s may be history but Why Don’t We shows the pop genre is alive and well for a new generation.

Set list: On My Way/Nobody Gotta Know/Jack’s Solo/Corbin’s Solo/Daniel’s Solo/Perfect/Zach Solo/Jonah Solo/Smile/Free/Taking You