Wet Dazzles Intimate Crowd at Varsity Theatre


Honestly, I can’t accurately begin to describe the elated feeling I had walking to cover a show when it wasn’t either bitterly cold outside or in the midst of the weekly snowstorm. Even if it was only hovering over thirty degrees, it was like being in a completely world to be out on the setting sun and getting to a show with an 8pm start time while it was still light outside. I made my way to the Varsity Theatre to catch they growing hype of indie band Wet and up and comers Kilo Kish and Hana Vu. 

First up for the night was LA based opener Hana Vu. Once the lights dimmed, she walked out on stage with a guitar in hand for a solo performance. As soon as she started her first song, her voice took me a little by surprise because she completely commanded the room. The vocal strength Hana has was fun to experience; she filled the room with her voice with ease, and the accompaniment of her funky electronic beats only amplified her performance. While I normally don’t  go out of my way to catch music that falls into this genre live, there is something special about hearing an artist like Hana Vu in person and loud. 

Next to take the stage was Florida based Kilo Kish. The only lights that were utilized for this performance were the short standing ones Kilo Kish brought with her on stage, and honestly that lighting setup really played well with the atmosphere she created during the dark and energetic set. Each song had a slightly different color on the lighting panels, amplifying the moodiness of the room. Honestly, Kilo Kish’s music is a little out of my normal reach, however, the beats really sold me on her and I know her music will be up on my Spotify after this show. 

Last but certainly not least was the headliner of the evening, Wet. This was yet another show of me leaving a performance as a surprise (this time I only peaked at other photographs of this tour) because I’ve grown to embrace and enjoy the surprise of seeing a new artist. Right after the end of an atmospheric intro, Wet took the stage amidst an outpouring of cheers from the intimate crowd gathered at the Varsity. The band’s performance was captivating; the instruments intertwined with the electronic elements perfectly and was a great accompaniment to the soulful voice of Kelly Zutrau. I found myself with my eyes glued to the stage for the fifteen song set, blown away by how much I felt connected to Wet’s performance. When I was walking to the Varsity before the show I honestly wasn’t sure what I was getting into but I did walk away amazed by the talent of three women fronted artists I had the pleasure of seeing.