Vérité at the 7th Street Entry – 5/25/2016


While the Kills blasted the mainroom First Avenue’s 7th Street Entry played host to 3 newer but no less interesting artists.

Two Thirds of Dance Assault the Minneapolis electro-pop group “With a sound that would have made it perfectly at home on the radio in 1983” opened the evening. Centered on front man Carson the band got the already good sized crowd off to an energetic start.

East L.A. Lostcrowboy was up next. It is not known if a secret handshake was shared with L.A. Witches playing next door. Looking at info for him, I stumbled on an article in a German magazine comparing him to Nick Jonas. His mix of electro-pop and R&B creates a quite interesting sound. Great stage presence did not hurt with his mostly female fans either. This is a young artist we should keep our eyes on.

We first saw singer-songwriter VÉRITÉ last October opening for Ms Mr at the Varsity and were quite impressed. Since then she has release her latest EP “Living” and also performed at 30,000 feet as part of a Southwest Airlines concert series. The Brooklyn, NY native had filled the Entry up nicely despite strong completion from the 1975 playing at the Xcel. VÉRITÉ commands the stage in a quiet way but engages her fans from the very beginning. I was great to observe her growth over the past few months. She played songs from “Living” as well as older songs and keep the crowd focused throughout the show. This was her first time headlining in Minneapolis but we suspect it will be far from her last.
Set List: Echo / Constant Crush / Sentiment / Underdressed / Rest / Gesture / Wasteland / Sober / Strange Enough / Living / Weekend