VÉRITÉ and Betty Who play a sold-out Triple Rock


VÉRITÉ and Betty Who stopped by the Triple Rock Social Club on Saturday night for an evening that Prince himself would have been proud of. This Friday marked the one year anniversary of Minneapolis’ very own Prince. All weekend long, the Twin Cities played host to a slew of events celebrating the life and music of Prince, along with non-stop Prince streaming on various local radio stations. Although Saturday night at The Triple Rock Social Club wasn’t expliciting a tribute to Prince, it was a show I like to think the Purple One himself would have been proud of. Purple lights lit up the room when I arrived, pop music blared from the speakers, and there was a tangible sense that this weekend of music in the Twin Cities was bigger than any one band or event.

Kicking off the evening was Brooklyn-based songstress VÉRITÉ. Like many, I first fell in love with VÉRITÉ after hearing her infectious cover of The 1975’s Somebody Else. But after digging deeper into the musical library of VÉRITÉ, I fell in love with her originals even more than that incredible cover. I have been anxiously awaiting a chance to finally catch VÉRITÉ live, and last night finally had the opportunity to witness her live in all her alt-pop glory.

VÉRITÉ took to the stage with a quiet confidence shortly after 8:00 pm (the set times had been bumped up by an hour). As soon as she took the stage, all eyes were locked on VÉRITÉ, with a palpable anticipation of her what her performance would entail. And then VÉRITÉ opened her mouth, and out came one of the strongest voices I have heard live in a while. This songstress is an absolute powerhouse of vocals, a true force of nature. She sings with that tone and power that seems to something that isn’t trained, but rather is just a gift. Her vocals paired with truly catchy hooks make for true shimmering pop tracks that translate absolutely incredibly live.

It definitely seemed that there were plenty of fans in the crowd that were plenty familiar with VÉRITÉ.  “I’m just here for you” one person yelled. Fans gushed over VÉRITÉ after her 1975 cover, “I didn’t write that song, but it sure is amazing,” she said. “You made it better!” another fan yelled back. It was intimate set inside the small Triple Rock which allowed for a fun banter back and forth between VÉRITÉ and fans. “There’s so many good vibes in here tonight,” VÉRITÉ said with a genuine excitement in her voice.

VÉRITÉ’s set featured her hits Underdressed, Phase Me Out, When You’re Gone, Rest and a handful of unreleased tracks. VÉRITÉ is currently touring in anticipation of her debut album release due out this summer. Her icy synths, catchy guitar hooks and crooning vocals made for a truly powerful and unique set. After VÉRITÉ’s  live set there is no one more suited for the title of indie pop’s newest darling. 

As drinks flowed and 90s pop music blared from the speakers, roadies worked in double time to switch over the stage from VÉRITÉ to Betty Who. The drums, keyboard and guitars were situated to the far back of the stage making plenty of room for Betty Who and her dancers, which are a big part of her live shows. The energy and excitement was palpable in the air as anticipation grew for Betty Who’s set. And at 9:15 pm sharp, Betty Who took to the stage to the screams and shouts from a completely sold out Triple Rock. “Minneapolis, you’re small but mighty! Every time we come here we’re like why is the best stop on tour,” Betty Who said through her charming Australian accent.

I first saw Betty Who a few years ago at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, and last night she played her roughly hour long set with that same energy that quickly put Betty Who on the top of my favorite live performances. In addition to her her same contagious energy and showmanship, Betty Who also brought some brand new tracks off her newest album The Valley. Betty Who has clearly been hard at work because last night really was another level of showmanship from Betty Who & the Who Crew. From her live band, to her dancers, to her flawless vocals – Betty Who’s set was nothing short of polished pop perfection. There is an unabashed lovability to her 80s-inspired, synth heavy  bass driven pop tracks. It’s dance music, it’s feel good music. Her lyrics are themes we’re all familiar with – falling love, breaking up, getting back together just to do it all again. It’s relatable and danceable – everything you want in pop music.

Betty Who turned The Triple Rock, one of the most historic punk venues in Minneapolis, into a dance party last night. Her catchy, feel good tracks was a reminder that music really is the great unifier. In this surreal political climate we are living in, a time that can feel so divided, Betty Who brought the Triple Rock together on Saturday night around positive energy, good vibes and better music. What else could you ask for on a Saturday night?

Set List: The Valley / Glory Days / You Can Cry Tomorrow / Human Touch / H.U.M.B.L.E / Make You Memories/ Pretend You’re Missing Me / Better / Heartbreak Dream / Free To Fly / Blue Heaven Midnight Crush / Beautiful / Betty Who Solo / Wanna Be / Some Kind of Wonderful / Just Like Me / All of You / Mama Say / High Society / Encore: Love You Always Forever / Somebody Loves You