Track by Track with Minneapolis-based XIII Arrows


Every so often you come across one of those bands that just stand out from the rest. That’s not to say we don’t have respect for any artist making music and getting on stage sharing it with the world, but sometimes there are ones that just stand out in a way that others don’t. For us at Twin Cities Media one of those stand out bands has been Minneapolis-based XIII Arrows.

Over the past year or so, we’ve had the chance to watch the growth and evolution of XIII Arrows. Though the four men who make up XIII Arrows are no strangers to music and by no means newbies, this past year has been one of “firsts” for XIII Arrows. This past year has seen their first full year as a band. We’ve been fotunate enough to play witness to their firsts –  first shows, the first EP and just watch the progression of these very talented up and comers in the Twin Cities music scene.

XIII Arrows is actually the first band that we had into the Twin Cities Media Studio for a segment we call Track by Track. Earlier this month, we have them in for a second time, to discuss their forthcoming project entitled The Pearl Sessions.

We sat down with frontman and guitarist Mike Borrell, guitarist Eddie Rickert and bassist Harrison Koehler Wood. Unable to join us was Eddie Rickert’s brother and drummer John Rickert. We talked about the forthcoming project, the process of recording at the historic Pearl Studios in Northeast Minneapolis, along with what this coming year holds for XIII Arrows.

We’re more excited than ever after listening to The Pearl Sessions which seamlessly blends elements of back to basics rock n’ roll and blues with heartfelt lyricism and astute pop sensibilities for a result that can only be described as modern nostalgia.

The Pearl Sessions is due out next month at the album release show. Full details on the the event can can be found here.

Give the Track by Track a listen below and come out to Day Block Brewing on December 16th for the official release.