Tori Evans To Release “Sonder” At The Entry On 9/1


Tori has been writing music since she was 7 and made the decision to pursue music as a career at 13 while performing on a class field trip, on the 7th St Entry stage. Tori then bought her first ukulele and taught herself how to play. At 15, Tori made her public stage debut at UkeFest 2017, hosted and curated by Katy Vernon. Tori flourished over the next 2 years in the ultra-supportive Minneapolis music scene, performing over 100 shows in 40+ venues.

Her debut full enght album will be realeased at the Entry next Wednesday. Tickets are available HERE

While learning music theory, Tori taught herself to play piano, where most of her writing takes place today. Writing of love, heartache, female empowerment and angry breakups, Tori has a pop rock with a touch of soul sound and a jaw-dropping voice that will leave you breathless. Tori is excited to come full circle and release her debut album on the very same stage she decided to peruse music.