The Vikings Are Coming! Amon Amarth To Play The Skyway 10/6


All the cuddly purple colored Vikings crowding downtown during football games about about to get a visit from their rougher Swedish cousins. Much, much rougher, and much, much more death metal. Yes, Viking Death Metal gods Amon Amarth are descending on the Twin Cities on Sunday 10/6 with a show at the Skyway supported by Arch Enemy, At The Gates and Grand Magus. Tickets are available HERE

The Berserker World Tour, presented by The Noise will be a showcase of the riffing havoc captured on their 11th studio album, Berserker, and will treat fans to the kind of pulverising riffage and sublime, fist-in-the-air anthems the band have come to be known for, because no words are more synonymous with Amon Amarth than unrivaled songcraft and unswerving commitment to no-bullshit heavy fucking metal – and now they have a landmark tour to match. 

No Viking warrior was more revered or legendary than the fearsome Berserker – the figurehead of Amon Amarth’s latest album. Like those lone shock troops who would dive into battle and hold back entire armies, Amon Amarth’s lionhearted self-belief and ferocious command of the live stage has earned them a legion of fans the world over. Spearheading an epic lineup never before seen this side of Asgard, this is one tour that’s guaranteed to slay. 

According to Norse legend, thunder is the sound of the god Thor striking his mighty hammer. This fall, that thunder will be the sound of Berserker live on the stage as we celebrate with the gods of Swedish metal. Spread the word. Valhalla awaits!