The Trappistines, Deep Love, and Margaret.Will Play At The Icehouse On 3/21


If you find yourself in need of good local music next Wednesday, a very good option may be the Icehouse’s show with The Trappistines, Deep Love, and Margaret. Tickets are available at the door

The Trappistines are Corey Lawson of MUNQS, Aaron Baum of Har Mar Superstar, and Andrew Thornbrough of Speeds the Name playing Electronic Indie Trip-Pop.

In 2003, a 17 year old Jacob Gossel (Deep Love), started making bedroom recordings in North Branch, Minnesota on an old second-hand PC. Fifteen years later Jacob coined the moniker Deep Love. Now based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Jacob wrote, recorded, performed, and mixed, his debut Deep Love album Wild Dreams.

Independently released on November 10th, 2017, Wild Dreams blends various genres like Psychedelic Rock, Synth-Wave, and Chill-Wave with elements of EDM, all in a Pop music format. Psychedelic bass lines, a blend of live and sampled drums, side-chained vintage synths, and vocal chops – topped with catchy vocal melodies that will have you singing along.

Margaret is the new stage name of Maggie Morrison of Lookbook, Digitata, & Gayngs. Her pitch-perfect, brazenly unaffected singing instrument is perhaps (Lookbook’s) most well-selected keepsake from the glory days of the discotheque. She now performs under the moniker, Margaret, and stays consistent with her repertoire, never slumps, never slides, never half-asses a single note. As chillingly immaculate as a sine wave, Margaret and her voice have an inhuman perfection to them.