The Sunny Era brave the cold, release “Save yourself from you” at the Entry


It takes hearty bands and fans to come out for a show on the first night of zero degree temps of the season. Fortunately for all involved First Avenue’s Entry had just 3 such band on the bill Thursday night at The Sunny Era celebrated the release of their new album “Save Yourself From You”

Starting the night was the Minneapolis duo The Sudden Loveleys. The duo had Daniel on guitar and Paige on a variety of percussion instruments with both singing. Their back and forth was well done. Paige mentioned that one of their songs, Pony, had a part for a human kazoo conceived from a lack of kazoo. It worked so well that they decided to keep it that way. Their music was a nice blend of slow folksy songs with bluesy, rocking songs.
Set List: Take it with you / War with nothing / In the tower / Pony / Moon beggar / Old man’s country song / Gone is time / Devil yellow moon / My soldier / Venom / Against the current / Gregarious loner

“Save Yourself From You” is The Sunny Era’s fifth album. Growing from a trio to a quintet the band now includes Eric Stainbrook, Laila Stainbrook, Rob Foehl, Patrick Zampogna, and Tony Zampogna. Compared to previous albums their current release has a more complex sound. There are violin parts that range from haunting in some songs to gypsy inspired tunes that would feel at home in a Gogol Bordello or Devotchka song. Singer Eric Stainbrook sounds at times a bit like David Byrne (and that’s a good thing in my book) and has a bit of a “byrneish” vibe on stage. Overall I really enjoyed the new album and their older material they played mid set.
Set List: Golden nights / Closing doors / SYFY / Strangers among friends / Gone Missing / Biriuk / A way around this end / Bad news for lost love / Take us all / We know everyone / We’re going it alone

I first saw TABAH playing at the Current’s local artists to watch 2016 show at the Cedar and was impressed then. Since then the 5 piece of Cecelia Erholtz, Charlie Bruber, Murphy Janssen, Jeff Ley, Andrew Seitz has been working on their first full length album. TABAH has a distinct 70s vibe with modern influences and closed out the night in style.
Set List: Closer / Nobl / Central / False balance / Curtain Call / TWC / Lucid