The Shackletons and Friends Party In the Sold Out Entry


The is the other side of my review from Friday night’s multiple shows at First Avenue. While Soul Asylum was headlining a show for over 1,500 folks in the Mainroom, the smaller 200 person Entry was sold out for The Shackletons with Last Import and Trevor DeVine and the Immaculate Beings.

After checking in at both entrances and listening to a little of Loki’s Folly next door I arrived midway into Trevor’s opening set. The first thing I noticed was what a great time the packed crowd was already having during the opening band. Despite the bitter cold outside, they were already plenty warmed up. The band’s music was high energy and festive with a tenor saxophone supporting Trevor’s lead vocals and guitar to help give them their special sound. This was my first time seeing them but they were quite enjoyable and really helped get the party going in the Entry.

The next band up was the all-female trio Last Import. The girls are friends of the Campbell boys and you probably recognize them in The Shackletons’ “Minnesota Girls” video. But you have probably also heard of them on their own merit as they recently opened for Bastille at the Palace Theatre for Go96.3’s Snow Show 2018. If you are a fan of The Replacements, you likely saw them at the Turf Club on Black Friday for the annual tribute show. Their charming frontwoman Emily Bjorke leads the band on guitar while Grace Baldwin plays an energetic bass and chimes in on vocals. Jane Halldorson handles the drums with a smile. Their upbeat punk rock songs kept the party going in the Entry and members of another local band, The Carnegies, were spotted enjoying the show in the front row.

The rumor was that The Shackletons might join the 4onthefloor on the Mainroom stage so I made sure to stay for the finish of the 4onthefloor’s set. The logistics didn’t work out, but frontman Gabe Douglas did dedicate their closing song “All My Friends” to their friends The Shackletons who will open for them at Mortimer’s for Night One of their four shows January 17-20 to mark the band’s 10-year anniversary.

We scrambled back to the Entry and arrived in time to hear most of the Shackletons’ opening number. I’m glad we made it because they opened with their latest song “Genevieve” which was received well. Fans next enjoyed some songs from the band’s one-year old Second Attempt EP. “St. Bibliana” is one of my favorites and “Souvenir Jacket” was introduced by Colin as a song about all the future pretentious drunk assholes you might meet. After playing their newer single “McMurdo,” Colin took a break and admitted what we all suspected, “I just talk up here to take a break. I really don’t have anything really important to say.” There was some important information when Colin introduced their friend Christian who joined them tonight to support on guitar and helping them sound better than they ever have. “The commute was easy for Christian as he lives with us. The logistics worked out,” he joked.

The next song, Automatic, was one Colin says the band likes to play when they pretend to be a blues band. They also played what I think is another new original, “If You Asked Me” for the crowd before one everyone knows, their first hit, “4 AM.” Midway through the song the band halted. Colin told the crowd, “The last time we played in the Entry was for our Second Attempt EP release show. And it’s really embarrassing but I forgot how to count to four. So I’m a little nervous.” But the crowd was happy to help him count from 1, 2, 3, and 4 AM to close out the song. Trying to also cover the other show in the Mainroom, we headed back there to see some of Soul Asylum before returning. Colin sounded nearly as torn telling their fans, “It’s strange when I’m having one of my best nights here on stage that I also feel like I want to be next door for the Soul Asylum show.” But fans were happy to be right here at the Entry for this awesome show. And we were glad to be back in time to hear “Minnesota Girls” with Colin teasing that it’s a song about North Dakota boys and even inserting that into the lyrics at the end. But the crowd sang the correct lyrics loudly to finish.

Colin thanked everyone for coming and introduced his brother Cam on bass saying that he does more bouncing than him. And he said he hasn’t seen his drumming brother Evan much tonight….since he’s behind him. But they were all happy that their youngest brother and oldest brother were both here tonight to have all five Campbell boys together. Before closing out the night they also had their friend Sam come up on stage to model the new Lia-designed t-shirts that are for sale. After finishing a fun cover of “Ooh L La” Colin said they could all walk 10 feet back off the stage or save time and just stay here and play their encore song. Regulars at their shows already knew what was next. But Colin warned, ” We just want to make it clear that we have no business playing this next song. If there’s a cover-song hell, we’re going to it.” Those that knew what was coming loved it. Those that didn’t did too. How could you not love and sing along to John Denver’s “Country Roads” in unique Shackletons style. What a great ending to a great show at the Entry. When comparing The Shackletons show to the Soul Asylum show next door, this show was my favorite.