The Missing Letters, Kick, Holy White Hounds, and Benjamin Raye Light Up First Avenue’s Entry — 1/14/2016


As the week narrowed down and moved closer to the weekend, I covered a show at First Avenue 7th Street Entry on Thursday night. On the marquee, The Missing Letters, Kick, Holy White Hounds, and Benjamin Raye. Surprisingly for a Thursday night show, the venue was nicely filled.

Benjamin Raye took to the stage promptly at 8pm to get things moving. There was no delay. Benjamin delivered. His set was made up of originals and a few mixed in covers. He presented a very laid back vibe had the crowd singing and dancing in no time. Musically solid, Benjamin showed how to kick off the night.

The Holy White Hounds jumped up next. The energy started to build. They started off their set with ‘Black Lust’, ‘Ghost Arm’, and ‘Blind’. The only words that uttered from my mouth was “Holy crap!”. They were crazy-good. The Holy White Hounds turned up the energy level in the room. Their set capped off with “In Your Skin”.

Next up, Kick. Based in Minneapolis, the trio tore up the stage. Their extreme high energy set, moved the crowd into a frenzy. Singer/guitar player Jake Kemble is in constant movement (and high-flying) on stage,  while bassist Jake Hall and drummer extraordinaire Kyle Kennedy hold down a solid, high driving beat. Kick’s set was raw, driving, high-energy, soulful, and LOUD!

To cap off an impressive night, The Missing Letters took to the stage. The momentum of the evening’s previous bands did not let up, as The Missing Letters rolled though many of the fan favorites. With a classic alternative rock sound deriving clear influence from bands like Soul Asylum, Nirvana, and The Replacements, The Missing Letters had a warm inviting style that engaged the crowd and held them tight to the bitter end.

In all, all bands were champions of the night with the right amount of energy and driving sound.

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The Missing Letters

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Holy White Hounds

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Benjamin Raye

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