The Lonely Island Blend Music And Comedy At The Armory!


I remember driving in parents car with my brothers almost 10 years ago and for almost a year straight we blasted “I’m on a Boat” by The Lonely Island almost ever time we stepped into that vehicle. So after almost ten years of waiting the time had come to witness the spectacle that is The Lonely Island.

When I got to the Armory the line to get in was wrapped around the building, almost to the other side of the venue. This truly was a sold out show. When I got into the venue I got a kick out of the bands merch, which included Beach Balls and of course limited addition The Lonely Island “Flippy Floppys” and they could be yours for only $25. I was tempted but resisted the flippy floppy. As I made my way through the crowd I got a lot closer to the stage than I thought I would have. I was ready for the show.

When the lights dimmed the crowd went crazy and comedian Neal Brennan hit the stage. The comedian gave an incredible performance with the crowd laughing with him and at him through out the set. Brennan made jokes about white privilege, churches and girls on Instagram who use the phrase “If you can’t handle me at my worst you can’t have me at my best”. Through his 30 minute skit the crowd never stopped laughing and turning towards their friends with a gasp that quickly turned into laughter. As he left the stage the voice of Andy Samberg came on and said they were going to take a quick break and be right out. 

Not to long after that the lights went out again but this time comedian Seth Meyer took to the stage to introduce the main event, The Lonely Island. The band came out to “We’re on Stage” which is about building anticipation before being on stage and while on stage. After that the band laid down some ground rules from having fun to hacking to a load of other things. They then busted into one of their break through songs “Jizzed in My Pants” lets just say from there on they hit the ground running with the crowd singing every word with them.

The group played classics such as “Finest Girl” and “Like a Boss” before starting to go into their material from their new Netflix special “The Unauthorized Bash Brother Experience”. Front man Andy Samberg took the stage dressed as Jose Conseco and band mate Akiva Schaffer as dressed as Mark McGwire, as they played the hit song from the special “Jose and Mark”, the real Jose Canseco stepped on to the stage. Looking more ripped than ever holding a baseball bat, and staring right as Samberg. When the two saw him, the song stopped and the screaming of curse words came to life. The crowd was freaking out. The man next to me starting screaming “oh my god! Is that really him? Is that Jose Conseco?” on repeat. The baseball legend left the stage showing who the real Jose Conseco is, with applause at his back.

As the night continued there wasn’t anymore guests but Justin Timberlake puppet did however show to sing “Dick in a Box”. As the main set of 26 songs wined down, the group closed it with their top song “I Just Had Sex”. The crowd was going just as crazy as when Conseco hit the stage. When the last main set of their first ever tour ended the crowd roared on begging them to come back out and to play some more.

The band busted back out on stage to “Incredible Thoughts”, next “Donkey Roll” then the classic “Jack Sparrow” and finally the song that most people were dying to see “I’m On a Boat” Of course before the song Samberg and Schaffer gave band mate Jorma Taccone a landlubber dunce hat. The crowd was jumping and singing every word with their hands waving in the air. As the band left the crowd walked out with new flippy floppys and the biggest grins I have ever seen walking out of a concert.