The Hook & Ladder Hosts THC Get Together October 21


The good folks at The Hook & Ladder host the second Legalization Acceleration Fair this Friday, Oct 21.  A recent event of this type was a tough ticket.  As of this writing tickets remain available and can be found HERE

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are aware that with little fanfare low dose, edible cannabis was legalized in Minnesota.  Unlike every other state that’s OK’d it, the rules (and lack of) are completely unique.  It’s a brand new industry.  There aren’t a lot of hoops put in front of manufacturers or vendors.  

When I saw cans of cannabis infused beverages sitting next to beer cans in The Hook’s cooler recently, it dawned on me that nowhere else in the United States would we see such a thing.  There’s little doubt changes and regulations are coming.  If there was any place you could go to get the lowdown, The Hook’s Legalization Acceleration event would be that place.

Don’t expect anything dry or boring ramping up your knowledge curve.  Numerous vendors will be on site hawking their wares.  A series of high end DJs will be keeping the joint bumping.  Food trucks are there to address any munchies.

No, the event is not free.  However, each attendee receives a free swag bag of edible products equal to the price of the ticket.  So for those curious, or so inclined, it’s shaping up as a very interesting evening.