The Contortionist and Monuments at The Cabooze on April 5th, 2016


It was quite the night of metal at The Cabooze on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016.  The Contortionist, Monuments, Entheos, and sleepmakeswaves made a stop during their latest tour.  Local openers By The Thousands and Mithya were there as well.  With this number of bands, it was an early start and it got pushed even earlier the day of the show.  Since there were quite a few bands, I’ll keep the review of each band shorter so the article doesn’t get too lengthy.  I got to The Cabooze about the time Mithya was finishing up, so I wasn’t able to catch them.  I did get a group shot of them between sets though.

By The Thousands was up next and they kept the crowd going with hard hitting metal that started the mosh pit behind me at times!

sleepmakeswaves took the stage and gave the crowd a break from moshing to listen to their Instrumental Rock style.  It was different to see a band playing without a singer.

Entheos brought back the metal with heavy, growling singing and a strong presence on stage.  The lead singer paced back and forth on the tiny stage as she progressed through the set.  It was definitely playing well with the crowd, as they went back to moshing on and off.

Monuments came out and brought back the Instrumental Rock style.  There was a little interaction in between songs thanking everyone for coming out.  It was fun to try and get the lead singer’s dreads in mid-flight!

The Contortionist closed out the show and they started slowly and quietly.  The momentum built with each song and the crowd loved it.  They were a little less heavy than the rest of the bands, but that certainly wasn’t a bad thing.  With the LED lights they had set up, including a large, round structure behind the drummer that changed as they played, it was a little more of a visual show as well.

The show was pretty dark throughout the night and heavy back-lighting made photos difficult.  I pushed my camera to its limits and beyond to try and capture the moments during each band.  You can take a look at what I got in each of the slideshows!

At the end of the night, the show was really good and even though the crowd wasn’t huge, those that were there seemed to be having a great time!  Check out The Cabooze’s Facebook site to see what shows are coming up!  Thanks to Leo Presents for helping to bring a great show to Minneapolis!

As always, get out and support live music and I’ll see you out there!