Taking Back Sunday To Play Two 20-year Anniversary Shows At First Ave




Taking Back Sunday is one of those bands that is the voice of a generation, the indicator of an era. Growing up going to Warped Tour, with new bands always coming and going on the lineups, they always seemed to be the staple that held it all together. They also seemed to be one of those bands that you had to tell everyone you liked. It was you and TBS against the world once you became a big fan… so the fact that we all get to celebrate 20 years with them on this upcoming tour is something special.

At each show on this tour, they’ll be playing “Tell All Your Friends,” their first album, in full, and they will flip a coin at the beginning of the April 27 show to decide if they are going to play their 2nd album, Where You Want To Be, or their 3rd album, Louder Now (in addition to Tell All Your Friends). On April 28, they will play Tell All Your Friends PLUS whatever album they did not play night 1. They will also play a selection of additional songs.

Coming along for the ride will be The Maine, another classic Warped Tour-adjacent band. With hits like “Into Your Arms” from their 2008 debut album still getting new streams every day, they’re the perfect band to join forces with Taking Back Sunday for that nostalgic Spring evening we all crave.

It was no surprise when the first night (4/27) of their two show run at First Avenue sold out, but thankfully there’s a second show on Sunday 4/28 at 8PM. You can get tickets here!