Surfer Blood and Winter play a packed 7th Street Entry


West Palm Beach, Florida based Surfer Blood made their triumphant return to Minneapolis this Wednesday, June 14th. To say that Surfer Blood is a band that has faced some changes in recent years would be a bit of an understatement. From the passing of guitarist Thomas Fekete to bassist Kevin Williams leaving the band and relocating to pursue a new careers, it’s been a hell of a few years for Surfer Blood. This is a band that has held a special place in my heart for many years, like so many other fans who the music of Surfer Blood has touched. Despite losses and changes – Surfer Blood brought their signature sunny sound to Minneapolis, the perfect medicine for the mid-week blues.

Opening up the evening was Los Angeles based dream-pop queen Winter. Winter is the project of singer/songwriter Samira Winter. Winter’s sound is eclectic to say the least. Her sound clearly draws from the sounds of her colorful childhood. Winter grew up in Curitiba, Brazil and is the product of her American Father and Brazilian Mother. Winter’s sound is shoe gazey rock with ringing guitars, boppy basslines and Winter’s dreamy vocals. Winter was the perfect way to kick off the evening. The three frontwomen of Winter were spotted jumping and dancing along to Surfer Blood’s set later in the evening.

Headlining the evening of course was  Surfer Blood. The current lineup for this four piece, again still has their signature surf-rock poppy sound, making me miss my years spent in Southern California. Surfer Blood had the Entry packed, singing and dancing along, like no time had passed at all since they were in Minnesota. Again, Surfer Blood is one of those bands that hold a very special in the heart of many music fans, myself included. Surfer Blood was my “gateway drug” into so many different types of music in college, that it was a treat getting to witness them years after I fell in love with them, and in the intimate 7th Street Entry no less.

Surfer Blood’s current lineup features founding members John Paul Pitts and Tyler Schwarz, vocals/guitar and drums respectively. They are rounded out by Mike Mcleary (guitar/backing vocals), Lindsey Mills (bass guitar/backing vocals). Surfer Blood set was the perfect summer evening concoction of their classics as well as a handful of tracks off their newest album Snowdonia.

Their tour continues tonight in Des Moines.

Set List: Floating Vibes / Frozen / Weird Shapes / Miranda / Reprise / Island / Instant Doppelganger / EZ / Six Flags in F or G / Twin Peaks / Demon Dance  / M.O.T. / Swim / I Can’t Explain