Sure Sure Was Chill And All That At The Entry


“No concert is an island, the ocean of circumstances binds them together” said the Chinese Taoist philosopher Lao-Tzu in his famous book “How to rock hard in 400 BC”

The wisdom of those ancient words became clear to me Thursday night while standing in line to get into the Entry for Sure Sure’s show. I had just added the show that morning after finding out that Lily Allen had to cancel her Minneapolis concert due to illness. I was looking forward to it, I like the Entry, that small room has some serious chemistry going on. Alas life was not done with me. “Dude. Got a big issue. Our house got broken into and I have camera equipment missing.” came a text from the photographer assigned to shoot Low Cut Connie next door in the mainroom. A short mad scramble later I found myself covering both venues. Thankfully the set times worked out, but forgive my somewhat brief review for Sure Sure. Those suburban scoundrels who burglarized my friend are to blame.

Starting the evening was Minneapolis’ Lunch Duchess. “Hello, we’re from here” is always nice to hear from an opening band. Vocalist/Drummer Katharine Seggerman fell victim to the Entry’s tiny stage and got shoved in the back with her drum kit. That did not hamper the bands lively music one bit, just my photos :). I had to laugh as one one song was announced as “Grrrrrrrrrrross!”

Oklahoma’s Wilderado was up next. The 4 piece band’s melodic sound impressed me as did their vocals early on in their set. Wilderado seemed to feel the good vibes at the Entry as well.”We love the smiling faces, no one is being an asshole” they commented. I always enjoy seeing bands that appreciate the audience, knowing that many in the crowd are seeing them “by accident” as they wait for the headliner. In that case, I am certain quite a few in the audience will be back to see Wilderado on purpose the next time they are around.

I got back to the Entry just before the start of Sure Sure’s set, in time to enjoy a bit of weird Bulgarian Yodeling as the chosen house music – check out 7th Element by VITAS on YouTube, you’ll get a good chuckle.

A few months ago Sure Sure opened for Hippo Campus at the Palace Theatre and must have left a favorable impression with Twin Cities Music fans for they filled the entry not quite to capacity. Their sound is pop with some funky guitar riffs catching my attention. There’s a cool relaxed vibe coming from the stage. Not 5 minutes before their set I had seen Low Cut Connie doing unspeakable things to an upright piano. Nobody from Sure Sure was doing leg stretches or jumping of their keyboard, this was 4 dudes on stage being cool and playing cool music. Looking at the faces of the crowd, there were smiles all around.

Check them out in a few months when they return to the Palace Theatre opening for Young the Giant. They are a cool band worth of your attention.