Summerfest 2019 Will Line Up The Superstars


As much as we Minnesotans enjoy our rivalry with your dairy producing neighbors to the East there are a couple of areas where cold hard math is not on our side. Super Bowl victories and music festivals. Yeah, yeah, we got some cool ones (music festivals that is) but take all of them, toss in all the concerts held at US Stadium that year and add them up. You still would be short of the 800 – 900.000  fans that will be at Milwaukee’s Summerfest…………….

And there are some pretty good reasons to show up this year. The Killers, Billie Eilish, Lil Wayne just to name a few headliners. Summerfest takes 2 long weekends June 26-30 and July 2-7. The full Lineup is massive. Check it out HERE

Tickets are available HERE