Sublime with Rome Will Be at The Fillmore on March 4th


Sublime with Rome will be at The Fillmore with Jon Wayne and the Pain on March 4th. Tickets are still available HERE if you still don’t practice Santeria, or have yet to find a crystal ball.

John Jon Wayne and the Pain is not just the plot of most of the legendary actor’s films, but also the name of a band we have seen come a long ways from their roots (figuratively, but no so literally) here in Minnesota. The reggae-meets-fun-meets-rock-meets-electronics group formed in ‘05 by Jon Wayne, a singer and guitarist that was once known as Jon Weight, saddles up these days with his posse of cattle-rustlers: Chuck Torgeson on the bass, Teeto Miller on the taps-and-pounds machine we know as drums, and Weston Schick on sax, flute, and more. Their first album, which was self-titled, came out in 2008 and since then they have added notches on their pistols with a few more, as well as gone on a few tours. Their most recent release was in 2017 with Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe – insightful, no doubt. 

Sublime with Rome is an off-shoot of the band you might have read about once in the “history of fantastic music” textbooks – but, this isn’t exactly the band with a title related to the term for a solid substance turning into a vapor when heat gets applied – this is something new. Started (with proper name, at least) in 2010 (the same year as their first tour) Eric Wilson persists and is joined by singer and strummer Rome Ramirez, as well as Carlos Verdugo. Their first album came out in 2019, titled Blessing and was produced by THE Rob Cavallo. Songs like “Wicked Heart” come to mind as well as the musician’s throw-back yet timeless classics from their Sublime days. Don’t miss this, because this band has what we wish we could say is “What I Got.”