Squirrel Flower’s Enchanting Performance Took Center Stage at 7th St. Entry


Photos and Words by Nikhil Kumaran

On Saturday night, the 7th St. Entry was filled to the brim and teeming with excitement. The reason? Indie folk/alternative artist Squirrel Flower (Ella Williams) put on a sold out show – alongside LA-based Goon and local rock group Products Band. The eclectic lineup promised a night that spanned genre and captivated a crowd eager for a night to be well-remembered. 

Products Band opened up the show with electric energy, erratic movement and an overall captivating performance. Their melodic punk/ post punk sound really stuck out to me, as the best way I can describe the music is using the word – Jangly. Since this wasn’t their first time at 7th street, The hometown band had no issue thrashing around the dimly lit stage, throwing quips at the crowd and putting on a flawless performance. From whipping themselves around the stage, to displaying some pretty fun and playful sounds with effects pedals, Products Band was able to grab my attention and keep it for the whole performance. You can always tell when an opening act is feeling the nerves when getting the crowd ready for the main act. This band did not have that issue. I’m sure that they felt right at home. 

Next up was Goon, a group that I’ve kept my eyes on over the past couple of years. After seeing their name pop up on this lineup, I jumped at the opportunity to see them live – and I was so happy I did. Wrapping the intimate venue in an atmosphere of delicate vocals, Goon also delivered with an overall powerful sound bolstered by twinkly yet lush instrumentals. Their sound was a strong blend of alternative rock and shoegaze which helped them create a dreamy and ethereal sound with their music. Their versatility shined through with their ability to smoothly transition from moments of pensiveness to skull-shaking hooks and choruses. 

Finally, Squirrel Flower and her band took the stage bathed in lavender light. As she began her first song, the tightly packed audience immediately fell silent in anticipation for what was to come. She began by singing a simple melody which she then added layers to using a loop pedal. The crowd – including myself – stood back and watched in awe. I couldn’t even bring myself to ruin the moment by taking a photo, as the sound of my shutter would’ve ruined that moment. What really made her act stand out was the unique soundscape she created; an ethereal beauty and emotional depth that was truly her own. While Squirrel Flower’s music has been rooted in Indie folk, I wince every time I type those words. After seeing her live, I say that she’s transcended into a sound that shouldn’t really be buckled into a string of genres. So for now, I’ll say her music sounds like a dream. A hazy lingering dream that had me begging for more.