Silverstein celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of “When Broken is Easily Fixed” at the Varsity Theater 1/19


Emo fans rejoice — Silverstein are coming to Minneapolis January 19th at the Varsity Theater celebrating the 15 Year Anniversary of their debut album, “When Broken is Easily Fixed.” This show is sure to be a crowd pleaser as Silverstein will feature two sets: The first set featuring the band performing “When Broken is Easily Fixed” in its entirety along with a second set full of their greatest hits. If you are interested in attending the show, limited tickets are still available HERE so don’t sleep on it!

It’s easy to say that Silverstein are considered some of the true pioneers of the emo genre, and are no strangers to the road. They have been heavily touring since their debut onto the scene in 2003 and have been a part of 5 Vans Warped Tours. Their songs “Smashed Into Pieces”, “My Heroine”, “Smile in Your Sleep”, and “Last Days of Summer” are just a few tunes that have solidified their place in the hearts of thousands in the emo-rock scene. Seeing the band preform their debut album in its entirety will no doubt be a treat to the fans that have stuck around since the beginning. 

Supporting the band are fellow early 2000’s emo heavyweights Hawthorne Heights, as well as post hardcore band As Cities Burn and Capstan. Hawthorne Heights is a well known and respected emo-rock band from Dayton, Ohio. The band found success with their first two albums, The Silence in Black and White, and If Only You Were Lonely, featuring hits like “Ohio is for Lovers”, “Pens and Needles”, and “Saying Sorry”.

This stacked lineup is sure to bring waves of nostalgia and sentiment, so make sure to arrive early to the Varsity January 19th to catch every band on the bill!