Role Model Takes Over Amsterdam Bar And Hall 


Fans gathered into the Amsterdam Bar and Hall in St. Paul Thursday night buzzing for the packed show. Role Model, aka Tucker Pillsbury, made a stop in Minnesota on his nearly sold out North American tour, Tourever. His most recent release, a single titled “death wish”, clearly has kept fans interested. The Amsterdam was packed full, with a lot of energy and chatter of excitement for the show. 

The show began with funky rocker, binki, an East coast artist growing in popularity. His most recent release, an EP titled MOTOR FUNCTION was released in August this year. After the first song, an audience member screamed “happy birthday” to which the singer replied “it is my birthday.” He told the crowd he was going to wait to shared that if the night wasn’t going well, but clearly St. Paul was excited to see him, singing happy birthday. 

After binki’s set, the atmosphere shifted once again to excitement over Role Model’s performance. The crowd chanted and cheered and soon enough, a voice came over the speakers. Pillsbury’s voice echoed out mimicking instructions before a flight, telling everyone to be respectful and have a good time. The mood started off darker, with “death wish” as the opening song, but soon shifted to a night full of dancing and jumping so much the floor was shaking. Every so often, Pillsbury would take a moment between songs to ask the crowd how they were and commenting on how sweaty he was getting. He played hits like “blind” which has over 51 million streams on Spotify, as well as others including “forever&more” and  “hello!” The set concluded with an encore, largely encouraged by screaming fans who didn’t want to go without another song. “Girl in New York” played and Pillsbury thanked the crowd for coming out, dancing around and high fiving those in the front. 

Role Model certainly made an impact in Minnesota and we will (not-so) patiently be awaiting his return.