Pert Near Sandstone’s Winter String Band Gathering at the Cedar Cultural Center 2/28/2015


Pert Near Sandstone … Four dudes, four stringed instruments, one microphone, good old bluegrass sound, and a whole barrel of energy. That’s the best way to describe Minneapolis-based Pert Near Sandstone to anyone who has never heard of this group. Comprised of Nate Sipe on mandolin and fiddle, Kevin Kniebel on banjo, J Lenz on acoustic guitar, Adam Kiesling on upright bass and Andy Lambert on clogs and washboard Pert Near Sandstone brings an up-tempo, foot (or clog) stomping energy that has truly propelled Pert Near Sandstone to an ever rising level of notoriety across a wide age group range. Pert Near Sandstone is really a gem of Americana infused bluegrass to see live.

The beauty of traditional bluegrass cannot be understated when referring to Pert Near Sandstone. This band puts a very modern spin on very old music and does it with a vivacious and fresh energy. Even if you don’t really enjoy bluegrass music, Pert Near Sandstone will still draw your appreciation.

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Pert Near Sandstone played to a near capacity hometown crowd on Saturday night at the historic Cedar Cultural Center for the Winter String Band Gathering. In true tradition to their liver performances, they have fans young and old dancing from the very beginning. The term “pert near” is a colloquial slang phrase meaning “close to”. If Pert Near Sandstone if close to anything, it’s that of a good old Saturday night in Lynch, Kentucky or a raging honky- tonk outside the limits of any dry county in the south. Pert Near Sandstone doesn’t just take you back to this era, they drive you there at 110 miles an hour. Your heart will pound, you toe and heel will tap and a big ole shit eating grin will appear across your face. Each song Pert Near Sandstone played that evening at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis was a similar type of bluegrass, varying in tempo and the musician singing it. Great evening with a commanding performance.