Party With Less Than Jake, Bowling for Soup, and The Aquabats 7/7 at First Avenue


I want to see everyone at the Back for the Attack Tour as it hits First Avenue on Thursday, July 7th– just be sure to bring your dancing shoes!

The story of ska-rockin’ maestros Less Than Jake isn’t told in their sizable discography. It can’t be calculated by the amount of road miles they’ve logged. (But if we’re forced to calculate, we think they might be a block or two short of the Van Allen belts.) Nah! Less Than Jake’s cumulative worth is all about what they bring to your party. From sweaty club shows to uproarious festival dates to opening up for America’s most beloved rock acts, these five lifers’ deeds are best measured in the smiles they’ve slapped on the faces of true believers and new listeners, alike.

Talking with Bowling for Soup singer Jaret Reddick, you may not immediately get the sense that this affable, down-to-earth Texan fronts a Grammy and Emmy-nominated pop/punk band with over a million album sales to their credit. Bowling For Soup have done it again with their thirteenth studio album, Pop Drunk Snot Bread (2022). From professing their love for Brad Pitt in “I Wanna Be Brad Pitt” to encouraging us all to be a little kinder these days in “Killin’ ‘Em With Kindness”, the greatest band of all time will have you singing along to every song and forgetting about the bad stuff.

The Aquabats are a rock ‘n roll band and a 5-member team of heroes. They fight the forces of evil and boredom across the land in their BattleTram using positive vibes and rad music.

Don’t Panic will be kicking the night off so get there early!

Tickets are still available HERE!