Oracle Sisters Perform Their Debut Twin Cities Show


I walked into the Turf Club on Friday night to see the Oracle Sisters without knowing what to expect from this show. I knew very little about either performer or their fan base, but I am happy to report that the night did not disappoint. The opening act was Ryder The Eagle, a French man from Mexico City. He walked on stage in an outfit inspired by a classic reverend get-up. His look matched the sound of his music, which reminded me of organ music one might hear in an old church but with a twangy twist one finds in bluegrass/country music. He kept the crowd engrossed in his performance, whether it involved running around the entire venue performing on the bar and several tabletops, all with a corded mic, which gave me some anxiety. Still, thankfully, no one got caught in it. His stage presence was awkward but not challenging to watch because he owned it and made it work for his image. His humor was also incredibly dry, which I was a big fan of, but it was hard to gauge how the majority of the audience felt about it. They also are incredibly talented with the saxophone, which was included in most of his songs. I firmly believe that nine times out of ten, a saxophone will make a song exponentially better, so this was a highlight for me.

The Oracle Sisters are a force on stage. The trio band is also touring with a keyboardist and bassist, which helped fill out their sound in a way that brought their music to another level. I’ve been to several indie band’s shows before, and my main problem is getting bored quickly. Bands can be full of talented musicians with good music to show for it, but if they lack stage presence and chemistry with the other members, the show is not worth seeing. After seeing the show on Friday night, I see Oracle Sisters never having this problem. There was a moment in the show when the lead singer introduced the band and said where everyone was from. He mentioned that he was Danish and started talking about Vikings, and everyone in the crowd began yelling “skol,” which shocked him, and he said he never expected to hear that word here in Minnesota. The entire show was like seeing a group of incredibly talented friends having fun on stage, and you had the pleasure of watching it all unfold. I have to shout out to the several guitar solos during this show. Every time, it felt like I was being let into their world where time had stopped, and you left all your problems at the door, in the real world. Seeing this band perform their debut Minnesota show was incredible. After an immensely successful night, I hope the Oracle Sisters will be revisiting the Twin Cities soon. If they do, I certainly will be there.