Now, Now kick off their tour at the sold out Entry


The coolest band to come out of the Blaine High School’s Marching Band is back – and they haven’t lost a step despite taking 5 years to release their new single “SGL”. After some lineup shuffles Now, Now finds itself back where it began – as a duo of KC Dalager and Brad Hale. To celebrate the release, the band packed First Avenue’s Entry to the gills with fans, friends and family.

Starting was Minneapolis’ Dem Yuut – do not confuse them with Dem Atlas – Those Yuuts are smooth, soulful and electronic. They had enough control panels on stage that First Ave had to move some of the front stage speakers off to the side. A drawn out intro brought singer Danny O’Brien on stage and their 30+ minute started on a dark, backlit stage. Fortunately for my sanity someone turned on a few front lights a few songs in :). On a couple of songs, they let vocals echo out after the end of the song until the next one started.  I found Dem Yuuts music quite cool, interesting, complex and fun to listen to.

Set List: Mercy / Every Door / Carry The Night / Bloody Knuckles / Enough / Lil Bit More / Dawn-Sea

I get the feeling that Now, Now could have easily filled a good chunk of First Avenue’s Mainroom last night. The crowd was packed and the Entry’s AC did a great job keeping it from turning into a total Sauna. The one drawback is that I choose to photograph from only one spot if it’s that crowded, rather than trying to push 6’2 of Austrian photographer with gear attached through the unsuspecting crowd.

Now, Now performed as a 4-piece and their audio setup was quite precise and they continued to monitor their own sound on phone and tablet through the set. The set started with a few songs from 2012’s “Threads” before moving on to newer songs “That they were confident that they could play”. Well, the confidence was not unfounded. The new songs had all the trademark elements but the years have added some brightness, confidence and a bit on an edge. It’s shoegaze with a strong dose of indie rock wrapped up in a catchy package. “ Arizona” was my personal favorite of the set.

Now, Now show started a short tour but I think we will get to hear “SGL” and hopefully other new songs on “good”radio stations in the near future.

Set List (There may have been some changes in the order those songs were played): Pull / Prehistoric / Wolf / Lucie / AZ / Magnet / But I Do / Sep Rooms / Yours / Shifting / SGL / Thread / Dead Oaks / Oh Hi / Neighbors